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How To Kill A Witch parts 13-15
Fri Jul 27, 2007 20:03

Part 13:"And people call me crazy?"

"BARON BLITZKRIEG!" Phoebe concluded as the insane warlock glares menacingly at the witches.

"This is all your fault!" Christie yells at Phoebe, "It was your damn husband he stole the powers from! You need to die just for that!"

"Yeah that was your fault and really, really bad!" Billie chimes in.

Groggily Piper sits up and thinks, 'They are ignoring the Baron, bad move!'

"SHUT UP YOU CRETINS!" Bliztkrieg yells in a voice like thunder causing the sinister sisters to turn and face him.

"What's the problem?" Christie bluffs.

"You are disobeying my edicts!" He begins.

"OH!" Billie yelps and babbles, "Well those don't apply to us because we aren't evil!"

"BWAH, HA, HA!" Blitzkrieg chortles and looks at Piper and Phoebe, "And people call me crazy?"

"Ok, you have a point there!" Phoebe responds.

"We're sorry," Christie lies and batting her eyelashes at the insane warlock/Source continues, "can't you give us another chance? Afterall would you rather kill your old enemies or us?"

As he considers that Ootat says "They are working with the Triad against you boss! That makes them,"

"REBEL SCUM!" Blitzkrieg roars and blinking behind Billie and Christie flattens them with a double clothesline! Ootat snaps his fingers, a dark hooded robe appears and he chimes in with bolts of blue lighting!

"Whoa," Paige says as she sits up, "Ootat has gotten some more powers!"

"And been watching too much Star Wars." Piper adds.

"We have to help them." Phoebe said.

"HELP WHO?" Piper and Paige yell at her in unison.

"We can't just let the Baron run them through buzzsaws, tie them to rr tracks ect!" Phoebe says pointing to Billie and Christie who are fighting back against the Baron and Ootat but clearly losing.

"Why not?" Paige asks at the same time as,

Piper retorts. "Sure we can!"

"Look what they tried to do to us!" Paige snarled.

"You've gotten koed too many time today! Your brain is scrambled!" Piper continued overiding Phoebe's objections.

"Yeah!" Paige chimed in, "At this point I would sooner help the Baron. We always know what side he's on!"

"Vell vhy don't ve talk about that!" Blitzkrieg says from behind them and the sister turn to see him holding an unconscious Christie by the hair while Oootat continues to give Billie the shock treatment! The brainless blonde is barely moving as the manical midget is slowly finishing her off. "I have a proposal that you vould be unvise to refuse and vill benefit us both."

"For the 17th time I am not going to become your little Queen of Darkness!" Piper snapped.

"Not that my dear Piper, "The Baron waves off that idea and continues, "Business first I have another proposal that I give my vord vill not harm you or your family in any vay!"

The sisters look at each other, share a knowing look and then Piper turns to face the Baron and says, "We're listening."

Part 14:"Isn't that a little harsh boss?"

"Vell I have learned that you have der means to keep our mutual enemy der Triad from regenerating. So I vant you three to cook it up and I vill do the rest." Baron Blitzkreig made his offer.

"Is that it?" Piper asked and added, "Seems like that vill, err will help you more than us!" Piper replied and thought, 'Blast it he's got me starting to do the German accent now!'

With a sinister smile the Baron looks at the state of the Charmed Ones and continues, "In addition I vill not attack and overpower you in your current weak and weary state. You girls have been in too many battles today. It vouldn't be too hard to take you and include you in der fate I have planned for those traitors." He concludes indicating the koed Billie and Christie.

"That may be true," Piper concedes but pointing at Oootat continues, "however it wouldn't be too hard for me to blow your sidekick to Kingdom Come!"

The world's most wanted midgets ducks behind his boss who throws back his head and "BWAH, HA, HA!" laughs and smiles broadly. "I really like your style my dear Piper. Very vell, let's negotiate!"

And so they did. It was agreed that the sisters would give him the means to finish the Triad and would bind Billie's and Christie's powers. The Baron pledged not to attack the Halliwells for a week, not to give Billie and Christie to any demons or warlocks but to instead have them comitted to an insane asylum!

"That was mean and vindictive of you Piper!" Phoebe complained after all the potions were brewed and the sinister sisters had their powers bound.

"Don't listen to her Piper," Paige said, "they deserved it. Just one thing though."

"What?" Piper asked with a frown.

"The Baron probably wants you as his queen more than ever after that!" Paige replied.

Her jaw dropped as Piper realized Paige was right and said, "Ah crap!"

Meanwhile the Baron returns from having destroyed the spirits of the Triad and blinks into the Selggig Sanitarium. There he finds that his orders have been carried out and Billie and Christie are strapped down into metal chairs with attached metal skullcaps. Both of the sinister sisters are wearing straightjackets and are strapped to the chairs at the ankles, knees, waists and shoulders. Walking over to Christie the Baron asks, "So you rebellious vench did you learn my secret during der battle?" She nods her head before she can stop herself thinking, 'Yes, I picked up how you got your powers and I will tell someone sooner or later!' Then Blitzkrieg gave her a smile that made her blood run cold! "I see you did. Very vell you may know now, but not for long!"

"MMMPH!?" Christie yelped through her gag as the metal skullcaps were lowered and strapped on her and Billie. "Brainvashing chairs, I von't break my vord but you vill never talk! MHAW, HA, HA!" Then the chairs were activated and shortly thereafter both captives had lost all of their recent memories. Following that they were taken to their cells and strapped down to watch Barney 24/7!

Both Ootat and Dr Giggles(who was running the place) were horrified and Ootat asked, "Isn't that a little harsh boss?"

"Bah!" The Baron replied, "I never said I vouldn't torture them! BWAH, HA, HA!"

Part 15:"Oh and Phoebe, you are neglible as usual!"

Three days later the Charmed Ones were led to an alley by one of Phoebe's premonitions. Because of this all three witches wore bluejeans and ankle boots. Piper had on a long sleeved v necked burgundy blouse, Paige an orange one and Phoebe a short sleeved low cut white top. The sisters easily saved the innocent, vanquished a trio of demons and then heard another cry for help. "Wait a minute, this could be a trap!" Piper cautioned.

However Phoebe objected "How would anyone know that we would be here to set a trap?"

"She's got a point there." Paige agreed and the sisters entered a small dingy apartment building. There they following the sound of soft whimpers to find a woman curled in the fetal position. As Phoebe gently rolled her over a click and words could be heard but not understood.

That alarmed Piper who raised her hands to blast any threat but it was alread too late! All three sisters and the woman were sucked into a small object.If anyone had been left to see they would have found it to be a cassette player. It contained a cassette titled Black Wind by Clive Cussler. As the Halliwells would learn an old foe had struck again. Even now they learned the foe's name was,

"FORTUNA!" The sisters cried as they recognized the fiction demon who had sent them to TVland a couple of years ago. Then there was no time for talk as a dozen heavily armed men attacked Piper! With her powers weakened inside the fictional world of an audiobook she was hard pressed to freeze so many foes for any length of time. So she didn't waste anytime in grabbing an assualt rifle from the first man and using the butt of the rifle to ko him! For their part Paige and Phoebe had taken the places of Summer and Dirk jr the Pitt twins. This had them chained to concrete blocks! They were standing against the blocks with their arms out to ther side and their wrists attached to iron rings by handcuffs. In addition to prevent any spellcasting Fortuna had personally started applying duct tape to their mouths as soon as they arrived! As soon as she had her captives properly gagged Fortuna turned to see how the North Korean killers were handling Piper. 'Not very well!' Fortuna thought as Piper clubbed down a 7th man!

Using her powers over the plot Fortuna summoned still more guards who arrived in record time! As Piper finished the ninth guard a new batch rushed in and she turned to freeze them and their bullets. As she was doing so the last of the first batch unfroze and swung his gun butt at her head! It clipped Piper on the side of the head an sent her to the ground! Dazed Piper mumbled a spell she had been working on while she fought, "I don't want to die in this fictional hell," she began but not remembering the rest improvised, "bring us some help to where Fortuna's evil dwells!" 'Is that a good spell?' She tried to think past her pounding head but then the men were chaining her arms behind her back and Fortuna was taping her mouth shut.

Moments later Piper was also standing chained to a concrete block. In her case however Fortuna had instructed the men to attach a chain to the handcuffs and padlock the ends to separate iron rings. So Piper hands remained behind her back. Then Fortuna explained "Now that your head is clearing Piper you will note that you three are ankle deep in water." Still a little fuzzy from the blow to her head Piper suddenly realized that not only was the demoness right but that the water was rising! She also noted, 'While I was out they tied all of our ankles as well! Some sort of plastic strip thing. They must be attached to more rings near the floor.'

Fortuna continued, "So anyway as you should remember all of your powers are weakened her so Paige needs to be able to speak to orb not just objects but herself as well!" Paige glares at Fortuna but she just smirks and continues, "I've taken the liberty of enchanting those handcuffs you are wearing Piper so in your weakened state they should hold you!" Piper glares at her and Fortuna continues, "They are only enchanted against magic but unlike the Pitt's in this book your three don't have any steel files to help saw through the iron rings! Oh and Phoebe, you are neglible as usual! I will have revenge for my brother Fortunato's death at your hands and dispose of you in a way he would approve at the same time!"

"Anyway to wrap things up, you are in a cave below the level of the river with the tide coming in rapidly." 'You can say that again,' Phoebe thought, 'it's already halfway to our knees!' "I have got 10 guards waiting outside the cave to make sure no one comes in to help you three. I hear drowning is a miserable way to die!" She finishes with an evil smile and fades out of the book. And so the sisters begin struggling and trying to get free from their shackles. As they do the water rises and rises!

Phoebe tried to levitate and gain some leverage but the demoness had had the sisters ankles tied to prevent just that. All Phoebe did was pull against the bottom ring and cause her the plastic zip tie to tighten. Frustrated she again tried to slip her handcuffs.

Paige had no illusions about her escape artist ability and was trying to loosen her gag instead. She tried contorting her facial muscles to loosen the tape but, 'She used so much tape and even wrapped some all the way around my head. It will take a long time to get this stuff off!' As the water reached the bottom of her breasts she thought, 'And time is something we are running out of!'

Piper for her part was trying to sever the chain connecting the bracelets of her handcuffs and failing again and again. 'Fortuna's magic is too strong and my power too weak here.' As the water level reached her neck Piper's headache eased and she wondered, 'What about the chain between my cuffs and the the iron rings?' With that Piper tried the chain and ring to her right and BOOM! Then as the echoes of the shattered chain reverberated through the cavern she blasted the ring and chain BOOM! Unfortunately with the sudden destruction of her tether Piper fell forward and under the rising waters! To their horror her sisters quickly realized that Piper wasn't coming up! As the echoes continued Paige and Phoebe could do nothing to stop Piper from drowning and knew that they would soon join her...


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