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How To Kill A Witch parts 16-18
Fri Jul 27, 2007 20:05

Part 16:"Leo's a huge fan."

As she desperately tried to free her mouth Paige realized, 'All the echoes from Piper's blasts would have stopped by now, those are gunshots!'

Phoebe realized it as well and wondered, 'What's happening?'

Seconds later a dark form dove into the water and quickly reached where Piper had fallen. Piper's lungs were nearly bursting when she saw a man swimming towards her! He took a large knife from his belt and severed her ankle bonds with a single stroke, Then he took her to the surface and held her head above the water until her could unlock one of her handcuffs. "Can you swim?" He asked and nodding Piper thought, 'I can do better than that!' "Then do so." Her rescuer said. And so Piper started by blasting the iron rings to which her sisters were cuffed one after the other! Light headed from lack of air Piper started before realizing, 'He read my mind!' Even as Piper was freeing her sisters from the cuffs the man cut their ankles free.

Moments later they had all reached safety and Paige asked, "Where did you come from?"

He laughed eerily and nodding at Piper replied, "Ask your sister." At that point Phoebe touched the bump on Piper's head and got a vision. Due to her passive power being enhanced here all three Charmed Ones saw the following.

FLASHBACK: They sensed Piper's last desperate spell strive to fufill her intent and answer her need. However there was no one in Black Wind who could do the job and Fortuna's magic kept the spell from reaching Piper's preferred targets in the real world. So instead the Charmed magic worked it's way into another work of fiction and found one to answer her need. As he rode the back of Moe's cab the hawk nosed man heard Piper's voice say, "I don't want to die, ... help ... evil dwells!" The man ordered the cab stopped at once and drew on a slouch hat, a black cloak, and a red scarf. He left the cab like a ghost and detecting the source of the call for help in an alley checked his twin .45 automatics. He found a door outlined in soft blue light. They sensed that a lesser man would have hesitated or doubted his sanity, this one opened the door and slid through it like a shadow!

Emerging into a tidal cavern he saw 10 men with strange weapons watching 3 bound and gagged women being drowned. The guards were looking down and laughing at their victims struggles when the first two guards were rendered unconscious by having the .45s slammed into the back of their heads! Then came the chilling laugh "HEH, HEH, HEH!" It echoed through the cave and chilled them to the bone! While they looked around for the source of the eerie sound. Two more men fell with concussions and the remainder started to turn as they heard in their native tongue, "Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men? The Shadow knows! HEH, HEH, HEH!" Before the guards could target their elusive enemy the Shadow's twin .45 were blazing! BLAM, BLAM!

Two guards were dead before they could touch the triggers of their Ak-74 assault rifles. BLAM, BLAM! Two more die before they can get their guns pointed anywhere near the Shadow. The last two get a few shots off at where they thought the attack was coming from, but the Shadow was no longer there! BLAM, BLAM! They drop without getting a second chance! Even as the last man fell the Shadow was already shedding his cloak and hat. He placed his .45s on top of the bundle, snatched a ring of keys from one guards belt, took a large knife from another and dived into the water! END FLASHBACK!

"You summoned the Shadow?" Phoebe said in bewilderment.

"Must have been subconscious," PIper replied and turning towards the Shadow said, "I got my husband reprints of some of your adventures lately." Then to her sisters she explains, "Leo's a huge fan."

Part 17:"Or I will ensure she has a painful death..."

A few days later the Charmed Ones recieve a call from Kyra the former demonic Seer. "Hi Kyra!" Phoebe says cheerily but has a second of doubt as she somehow feels that Kyra should be dead! But then she shakes her head and remembers, 'Her info helped us discourage the Avatars and get them to leave. The info helped vanquish a few high level demons too. So what if she cut a deal with the Baron too? It kept her alive and she is human and a friend now.' "So how are you doing?"

"I'm kinda tied up right now, Zankou is holding me hostage!" Kyra replied and then Phoebe heard "Mmmph!" as her friend was gagged by Zankou!

"Piper, Paige!" Phoebe called to her sisters and put the phone on speaker. "Leave Kyra alone she's only human now!"

"HA!" Zankou laughed and said, "This traitor has little value to me. I was still imprisoned while she did her work. However I know she is one of your friends and I want to have a little talk with you three!"

"So talk!" Piper snapped back and thought, 'Zankou? The name seems famliar but we've never fought or even met him.'

"Not over the phone, we are going to negotiate in person or..." Zankou paused for effect.

"Or what?" Paige demanded.

"Or I will ensure she has a painful death..." Zankou pauses and concludes, "at the hands of the Buzzsaw cult!"

"Wait a minute!" Phoebe objects, " I thought you were released to lead the rebel demons and warlocks who despise the Baron's deathtrap regulations?"

"This is true," Zankou replies, "I am determined to overthrow that madman and restore sanity to the underworld! However it occurred to me that death by buzzsaw has a few advantages in this case."

"Like what?" Piper snarled.

"It will hurt the traitor greatly as she dies. You will have to have a closed casket funeral because of the mess. And of course the thought of her great pain and suffering means you won't let it come to that now will you?" He taunted.

The sisters looked at each other, nodded and Piper said, "Where do we meet?"

"The church of Gemini," Zankou replied, "it's located about 60 miles north of the city. Be there at 11:00 PM." He finished before hanging up.

"The Church of Gemini?" Paige wondered and remembered, "Didn't that cult worship the Gemini demons?"

"Yes," Phoebe replied, "that must be the new HQ,"

"of the Buzzsaw cult!" Piper concluded with dismay.

"This has to be a trap!" Paige concluded.

"Maybe not, he could want something from us." Phoebe said.

"Whatever," Piper not caring what Zankou wanted said and proposed "it's 9:39 now. Paige why don't you orb us there now so we can look the place over. Maybe we can even rescue Kyra before Zankou knows we are around!"

Paige agreed, joined hands with her sisters and they disappeared in a swirl of blue orbs. Almost immediately the trio orbed back in and fell in a heap on the floor! "They have some sort of anti orbing ward." Paige explained as the Halliwells regained their feet.

"Zankou must have known this," Piper deduced, "this way we don't have much time to think this out before we have to leave. We'll have to do what we can in the next 5 minutes. We have to leave by then to account for any traffic problems!"

And so at 9:45 the Charmed Ones took off in Piper's jeep trying to plan a way to save their friend without helping a demon.

Part 18:"And I would hate to disappoint you."

Note:Kyra is played by Charisma Carpenter and Tempus by Daid Carradine.

The sisters arrived at the Church of Gemini AKA Buzzsaw Cult compound at 10:55. 'Blasted traffic!' Piper thought as the Charmed Ones had little choice but to quickly enter the large "church" building. Inside they found twin conveyor belts with logs on them. The belts fed the cult's sacred buzzsaws. On the left log Kyra was tied down. Having just come home from a modeling session, the ex demoness was wearing a sleeveless v necked red minidress and matching pumps with 3" heels. Zankou had tied her wrists together and secured them to a wooden peg over her head. Two more pegs had been placed on the log about 3' apart and Kyra's ankles had been tied to them. Straining against her bonds Kyra spotted the sisters as they came in and wailed, "Mmmph!" This caused the Halliwells to note the thick white cloth tied between her lips.

Zankou stepped out of the shadows between them and Kyra and said, "So do you think the cult will like the sacrifice I have prepared for them?"

"You son of a bitch!" Phoebe yelled and would have jumped him then and there had not her sisters thought, 'Hold it Phoebe! It may be a trap!' Paige thought and Piper added, 'This hearing secret thoughts spell is letting us communicate mentaly but I'm not picking anything up from Zankou. He must have some sort of mind shielding charm. We can't take him lightly. Let's find out what he wants.' 'Right,' Paige agreed 'it will give us more time to think.'

"The reason I wanted to talk to you witches was because of a conversation I had with Tempus, the Demon of Time."Zankou says and Tempus shimmers in.

"I have come to the conclusion that the timeline has been changed," Tempus began.

"Changed how and when?" Phoebe questioned.

"Ah as they say," Tempus answered "that is the $64,000 question. Not long ago in the old timeline someone traveled years into the past and changed something. I have an idea of who but we need your help to confirm the when and how."

"What do you mean how?" Piper asked.

"I could have detected any magical time travel and with Zankou's help perhaps stopped it." He answered.

"Wait a minute," Paige objected, "you want us to help you change time? Are you nuts?"

"We think," Zankou answered, "that the current Source, your old enemy Baron Blitzkrieg has already done so."

"So," Piper smiled and said, "you want us to help you replace the Baron? What's in it for us?"

"I'm a sane and rational demon and not into all of this deathtrap madness." Zankou answered.

"So instead of the current Source who spends part of his time killing rebel scum like you," Phoebe began,

"And wastes more time cheating his fellow old fashioned villians at golf, especially that Toomerlot guy," Paige continued,

"And still more breeding his army of winged vampire monkeys," Piper went on laughing,

"And only occassionally having time to kidnap one or more of us and put us in a deathtrap," Phoebe continued

"None of which has killed us yet," Paige continues taking a bow,

"We should help you who will rip our hearts out the second you don't need us anymore!" Piper concluded.

Zankou sighed and said, "So much for negotiations." With that he hurled an energy ball right at Piper! It struck her in the chest and she disappeared!
"What?" Zankou began but BOOM, BOOM! Both he and Tempus were blasted from behind and slammed into the floor.

Zankou rolled over with a groan to see Phoebe and Paige closing in from his front and Piper from behind. He held his wounded back and said, "Very clever, one of you cast a spell to make an illusion of Piper while invisible she crept behind us!"

"You're a smart one Zankou." Piper said agreeably, " Yes We had one vial of Paige's invisibility potion on hand and whipped up the illusion and ventriloquism spells on the way."

"We expected a trap, so we made a few preparations." Paige added as the sisters prepared to chant a spell to finish off the two powerful demons.

"And I would hate to disappoint you." Zankou said through gritted teeth and added, "Perhaps you remember your old friends, the servants of the Great Eldritch Things?"

With that dark portals opened around the room and horrific creatures emerged trailed by cult sorcerors.

"Wait a minute! This is the Buzzsaw Cult's lair." Phoebe objected.

"Like I would trust those lunatics!" Zankou scoffed.

Unbeknownst to him or anyone else involved in the pending battle, Zankou's contempt for the cult did not go unnoticed.

But the Charmed Ones had bigger problems at the moment as three different types of monstrosities closed in around them...


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