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How To Kill A Witch parts 19-21
Fri Jul 27, 2007 20:07

Part 19:'tentacled, extradimensional perverts!'

BOOM, BOOM! Piper gave both Zankou and Tempus one handed blasts like she had done when she hit them from behind. 'That should keep them down for a little while so we can concentrate on these monsters!' Piper thought as she whirled to face a Planar pack. These were doglike creautres of darkness and shadow the size of small horses! FREEZE! She stopped the front rank of the monsters just 3' away and started blowing them into oblivion! Unfortunately just as before all of the pack wouldn't stay frozen at the same time. However as Piper had grown stronger in the years since the "Cousins and Cultists" affair her power was more effective this time. Only 5 of the 20 hounds quickly unfroze and they were Piper's primary targets! She held back the pack but barely.

Seeing a dozen 5' tall, purple scaled biped with tentacles where a human's arms would be and oversized mouth's revealing dozens of razor sharp teeth each, Paige thought, 'Planar Stalkers like the first time. Damn groping, tentacled, extradimensional perverts!' (The stalkers weren't actually perverts just hungry.) Paige however was using her anger to give her powers a boost. Having seen some spare logs by the wall earlier she said, "LOG!" The huge log disappeared in a swirl of blue orbs and reappeared in front of the advancing Planar Stalkers smashing into them like an onrushing train! Four of the monsters were turned into goo and the rest scattered or knocked down. Paige followed up that attack by pointing at the nearest stalker and saying "You ugly pervert!" As it turned into orbs she pointed towards the ceiling and said, "One thousand feet!" The stalker disappeared and reappeared 1000 feet above the building. As Planar Stalkers cannot fly the monster began to drop rapidly. It didn't have enough brains to understand the concepts of gravity or terminal velocity. However it and a number of it's fellows would soon gain firsthand knowledge of said concepts, the hard way! They impacted on the on the roof with a series of hard SPLATS!

For her part Phoebe faced an 11 strong Quaughan School. These creatures were green skinned much like a frog,ranged in size from 4-8' tall, had webbed hands and feet, long clawlike nails and lots of sharp teeth! With the odds so badly against her Phoebe modified a vanquishing spell that Grams used on single demons. Pointing at two of them she chanted, "Slimey creatures of death, Fire shall take your very breath!" Those two monsters burst into flame and rapidly burned to ash! The intense heat also wounded a couple more of the monsters, and delayed the rest. That gave Phoebe a chance to use the spell a second time before 3 of the Quaughans reached her. Then it was hand to hand ... err claw! Phoebe managed to break the neck of one of the monsters with a levitation assisted head scissors, fall and twist. Then she managed to ko a second and was kicking the third in the face when one of the wounded monsters caught her ankle. She slammed an elbow into it's head but the damage was already done. It fell but tightened it's grip on her ankle taking Phoebe to the floor! Then the rest of the wounded creatures piled on her and she was overwhelmed! As she was pinned by the fishy fiends Phoebe cried out, "HELP!"

Piper was too hard pressed to turn by unfreezing hounds and it fell on Paige to help out their sister. Whirling she focused on the largest of the monsters dogpiling Phoebe and said, "Big fishy freak!" That 8' tall creature turned into blue orbs which Paige quickly hurled behind her into two stalkers rushing her from behind! The impact stunned all three monsters. Unfortunately there had been 3 stalkers rushing Paige and the third grabbed her with both tentacles and squeezed! One tentacle pinned Paige's arms to her sides and crushed her like a python. But the main problem was the other tentacle which looped around her neck and mouth! As it tightened it began choking Paige even as it muzzled her! She tried orbing free. However when Paige reappeared 5' away the creature still had her in it's clutches! Something about the extradimensional nature of the monster caused it to come along for the ride! With her air cut off and her vision starting to dim Paige orbed again and arrived just outside the building. This of course caused the stalker's tentacles to be severed by the intervening wall! Exhausted she sank to her knees and tried to work free of the tentacles. Paige was relieved when someone behind her began unwinding the one from her neck. However when it came free from her mouth, someone clamped a damp cloth over her face just as she took in a deep breath! 'Oh crap!' Paige thought as she passed out from the drugged cloth.

Meanwhile inside the building Piper finished off the last of the hounds and turned just in time to freeze the remaining stalkers and Quaughan. Seeing Phoebe down and Paige missing, Piper made the remaining monsters go up like firecrackers! She turned on Zankou and Tempus with murder in her eyes but before she could finish them off Piper was enveloped in green vapors! When the vapors cleared she had joined her sisters in unconsciousness!

Stepping forward from the secret panel from he had felled Piper, Duo leader of the Church of Gemini said, "Excellent, a pair of Charmed Ones will make the ultimate sacrifice for the Gemini Demons!"

Part 20:"Can't we just get along?"

"Wait a minute," Zankou objected as he staggered to his feet, "we did all of the work."

Smirking Duo rejected that claim, "Your allies died in droves and only subdued one of the witches, we captured the other two Charmed Ones."

Zankou seethed at this but Tempus took him by the arm and whispered, "Phoebe will do. All we need is her powers of premonition for me to find out what happened to the timeline. We're too weak right now to fight the entire cult for the other two."

Zankou nodded grimly and whispered, "There will be a reckoning later!" Then smiling at Duo he said, "Very well, let us take the witch our forces subdued and we will leave you in peace."

"By all means," Duo responded and signalled to one of his robed minions who picked up Phoebe and carried her to Zankou. Walking forward and placing a hand on Zankou's shoulder he added, "since we are all evil here. Can't we just get along?"

His jaw about to break from holding his false smile Zankou replied, "Of course we can!" But his thoughts revealed a different story, 'You idiots are so dead!' Then he and Tempus left with the GET cult members following them.

As soon as they were gone Duo turned to an assistant and said, "I planted a tracking device on Zankou, see if you can determine his hideout." And them to another aide he said, "Dress the witches in white sacrificial gowns and secure them for sacrifice!"

And so Piper and Paige were undressed and redressed in sleeveless, v necked white gowns that fell to just above their knees. Then after Kyra had been removed friom her log and taken to a cell the sisters were tied in place. Their wrists were tied together in front of them. They were gagged with cloth wads stuffed in their mouths with red bandannas brought between their lips and tightly tied off behind their heads. "A mild hallucinagen will keep the youngest witch too disoriented to orb away." Duo's assitant said and added, "I took the liberty of soaking her gag with it." Duo nodded in approval and the sisters were placed on the logs. Their hands were brought over their heads and their bonds secured to wooden pegs over their heads. Their ankles were tied to wooden pegs about 3' apart.

Shortly thereafter a confused and disoriented Piper started coming around. As her vision cleared she found a tall dark man standing over her and smirking. "Finally the mighty and infamous Charmed Ones will meet their fate! You and Paige will be sacrificed for the glory of the Gemini Demons!" The cultists cheer at this and he continues. "The invisibilty potion was clever and you three fought well, but it still wasn't enough." He taunted Piper as she weakly tugged at her wrist ropes. "Your middle sister Phoebe is in the hands of Zankou and Tempus, who knows what they will do with her?" The cultists laugh. "And you two are ours and we will sacrifice you just as soon as the other witch awakes!"

Hearing that Piper thought, 'Take a nice long nap Paige! Leo and Cole have to be coming for us by now. Just don't wake up too soon!' "Mmmph!" Paige suddenly screamed through her gag as she awoke and reacted to the hallucinagen. 'Oh great!' Piper thought as Duo gave a command and the sacrificial ceremony began. The conveyor belts activated and seconds later the buzzsaws began cutting into the ends of the logs. Soon sawdust from the blade was landing on Piper's bare feet as the blade passed between her spread ankles. Weak and weary Piper thought, 'This is bad, very bad! Leo where are you?'

Part 21:"First you watch your wife die ..."

As the buzzsaw reached her knees, Piper tilted her head back and blasted the peg her wrist bonds were attached to. Or she tried to anyway! She was horrified that nothing happened! She stared at Duo who smirking said, "We are concentrating on you Piper. We can keep you from using your power for a time. A short time but long enough for you to get a split personality! MWAH, HA, HA!" 'Great, the madman thinks he's a comedian!' Piper thought and again strained against her bonds. Again she couldn't budge a single rope!

Paige's vision cleared for just a second and she saw the buzzsaw oh so close to her groin and instinctively orbed away! However because of the anti orbing shield around the compound she bounced off the walls and ceiling before reappearing on the floor once again unconscious! An angry Duo stopped the sacrifice while they tied Paige back to her log. Then as Duo was about to order the ceremony to resume Leo and Cole burst in hurling first potions and then fists! Duo ducked behind one of his minions and let him take the first potion and burst into flame! A few more potions destroyed some more demons but after the would be rescuers arsenal was exhausted Duo decided to take a personal hand in the battle. As Leo and Cole engaged in hand to hand combat with cultists Duo took great pleasure in preparing to zap them in the back. However one of the cultists had taken the initiative to restart the conveyors once again sending Piper and Paige towards the buzzsaws. It was now between Piper's thighs and she cried out, "MMMMMMPH!!!" So a split second before Duo fired Leo orbed across the temple! The dark lightning took out a cultists instead! Leo appeared beside the conveyor controls and put them into reverse! As he slugged the cultist by the controls Leo thought, 'There are so many of them! If only we could have gotten some more help.'

FLASHBACK: At Halliwell Manor Leo, Cole and Victor (who had popped in to see his grandsons) talked with a blonde female Elder. She said, "There is no help to be had right now except for the magical community."

"That's next to worthless, they will just get in our way." Cole said and turning to Leo asked, "What about Darryl and Henry?"

Shaking his head Leo replied, "Both are out of town, I left a message for Sledge but unless he gets here soon we will be out of time."

The female elder who was named Freya said, "Fortuna's meddling and Piper's spell have made crossing the Ficreal Nexus easier for a time. Perhaps we could find a witch to summon help from another world."

"Can you do it?" Cole asked but Freya shook her head no so he and Leo grabbed all of the remaining potions and took off while Victor asked Freya about the Ficreal Nexus.

She informed him, " It's a place where adventures of unusual beings pass through and are interpreted in other worlds as fiction. So on one side of the nexus unusual and exotic characters of other dimensions are fictional and the other side they are real and vice versa. However unless you can find and summon someone who can help and get there in time right now I'm afraid it's up to Leo and Cole."

Horror filled Victor's face at this as Freya orbed out. However he had an idea, he put a DVD in to play, sat Wyatt in front of the TV and said, "Buddy this is what mommy needs you to do."

About ten minutes later Inspector Sledge Hammer arrives just as Victor finishes explaining the situation to two men. He starts saying, "There's a strange looking car outside..." then he see the duo and says, "hey are you really the "

"Yes," The man interrupts, "but there is no time for small talk. Do you know the way to this Church of Gemini?" Sledge nods and the man finishes, "Then you will ride with us, let's go!"

"It will be an honor sir!" Sledge says with much enthusiasm. The trio hurry to the car and take off at high speed. Minutes later it leaves SF speeding at over 200 mph! A couple of motorcycle ChiPs give chase but are quickly left far behind! END FLASHBACK.

ZAPPP!!! Duo tags Cole with a lightning bolt and one of his minions catches Leo with a glancing blow to his head! The cultists pile on the two whitelighters and pummel them about the head and shoulders! Soon both battered men are on their knees with their arms held by the cultists. Smirking Duo gets the conveyors going the right direction again. Then as the buzzsaws get within a foot of their victims points at Leo and says, "First you watch your wife die ... and then you join her!"

However no one had noticed a small object at a window. said object was transmitting to a speeding black car. In the car a man said "We'll use the mortar." With that a small mortar emerged from the roof and began firing at an electrical pole by the church. BOOM, BOOM, the first two shots exploded nearby but the third blew off the top BOOM!

Inside the building the buzzsaws were within an inch of Paige who thought of her fiancee, 'Oh Henry!' and Piper who thought, 'Wyatt and Chris will grow up orphans now!' That was when the power died! Duo put a hand to his head sighed and said, "Some days you just can't kill a witch!"


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