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How To Kill A Witch parts 22-25
Fri Jul 27, 2007 20:09

Part 22:"That was your warning shot maggots!"

"Get a generator in here and" Duo began to order when an explosion took out part of the wall!

Then a voice from outside was heard saying, "Hammer wait!" But Sledge did not and Piper, Paige, Leo and Cole saw the familiar form of Inspector Sledge Hammer rush in!

BLAM! he drilled Duo between the eyes with his .44 magnum and said "That was your warning shot maggots!"

Leo noticed that the cultists were a bit stunned by this and Duo being some sort of demon was recovering. Hearing a car moving away outside Leo asked, "How did you get here so fast?"

Then as they heard a strange buzzing sound approaching Sledge replied proudly, "I rode with"

Duo sits up at the same time and snarls an order, "Get him you fools!"

Then a long black 60's looking limousine roars through the hole in the wall and slams into the cultists like a bowling ball!

"THE GREEN HORNET!" Sledge finishes as the rolling arsenal known as the Black Beauty wreaks havok among the cult! It comes to a stop just short of the back wall and the Green Hornet and Kato get out and join the battle. Sledge shoots the cultists holding Leo and Cole and the two resume fighting albeit weakly.

Frustrated Piper sees Leo and Cole fighting with their fists, Sledge with his gun, Kato with his Martial arts and the Green Hornet with two weapons. One is a gun which shoots a green gas which puts people to sleep and the other a telescoping metal rod which causes sonic vibrations. 'If only I could get free!' She thinks and again tries to blast the peg to which her wrist ropes are attached and boom! A small explosion destroys the peg and Piper sits up thinking, 'The cultists can't concentrate on me anymore so my powers are returning!' So as the battle raged around her Piper pulled the gag from her mouth and untied her ropes with a spell. Then she rolled off of the log, dropped to the floor, and dashed over to Paige! Due to the ongoing slugfest she only had to blast a single demon enroute. She freed Paige and the two put their heads together for a quick confab.

It ws becoming apparent that although the cultists were not great fighters only the humans stayed down. About half were demons and they would recover from blows or gunshots. Only the Green Hornet's sting would vanquish one for good. The angry Duo blasted Cole into Sledge Hammer and said, "You fools cannot stop me! You will pay for your interference with your lives!" That was when he heard chanting behind him. Alarmed he turned to see Piper and Paige casting a spell.

The spell had begun, "Worshipers of evil times two, Our magic will destroy you," With that the demonic cultists bodies began to pulse.

That was when Duo had turned and alarmed hurled lighting at them. Piper froze the lightning and they continued, "You will never return to grace," Feeling the spell about to incapacitate him Duo shimmers out while he still can! "Let your atoms be scattered across time and space!" The sisters finish and all of the demons are vanquished as their bodies explode leaving no trace they ever existed!

"Ok, who wants it next?" Piper yells and all of the human cultists run for their lives!

"Where did you guys come from?" Paige starts to ask,

But Cole interrupts, "Where's Phoebe?"

"In a lot of trouble," Piper replies, "we have to find her and fast!"

Part 23:'Failure is not an option!'

While Duo and the infamous buzzsaw cult had been trying to sacrifice two witches Zankou and Tempus had been busy with the third Charmed One. To lessen the chance of being found by the Baron's minions they shimmered to the lair of the cult of the Great Eldritch Things. This was in a cavern and tunnel complex underneath an abandoned warehouse in SF. The survivors of the cult weren't happy with the two demons but after losing so much in the battle against the Charmed Ones could do nothing about it. So grudgingly they didn't kill Phoebe outright but folded her arms over her breasts and wrapped her tightly in long winding strips of black cloth. When they finished with her Phoebe was almost mummified! Only her eyes and nose were free of the cloth rendering her totally helpless. As Phoebe regained consciousness she realized that they had even packed her mouth with cloth before wrapping it so spells were out of the question! A priestess with hate filled eyes stood nearby with a sacrificial dagger and Phoebe suddenly realized, 'I'm lying on a sacrificial altar!' Leaning over her Zankou smiled and guessing her thoughts said, "Yes Phoebe the cult does intend to sacrifice you. However first Tempus is going to use his temporal powers to expand your power of premonition. By doing so we will learn how and when the timeline has been changed."

Tempus then leaned over her head, put his hands on either side of her head causing her to be levitated 3' above the altar and said, "Don't fight it Phoebe, it will only cause you pain!" However Phoebe realized, 'Once they get what they want the cultists will sacrifice me! I have to resists as long as I can!' So she bit down on the cloth in her mouth and tried to block Tempus from accessing her powers. Almost immediately Phoebe began to sweat and her head to ache.She never knew how long she held out but eventually after what felt like and eternity her concentration failed and Tempus broke through! He then began accessing her powers.

Meanwhile back at the Church of Gemini under interrogation one of the human cultists revealed "The master bugged Zankou with a electronic tracking device so he would have the option to betray him to the Emperor of the Underworld later. Please make him take this gun out of my nose!" The mand pleaded as Sledge's gun was pressed against his right nostril.

Piper ignored the cultists pleas and said, "Who knows electronics?'

"I might be able to do something." Kato replied and minutes later he had pinpointed Zankou's location!

Shortly thereafter Paige and Piper orbed into a tunnel leading to the cavern where the demons were working on Phoebe. 'Too bad we had to send Leo, Cole, the Hornet and Kato home but we can't orb that car and they can do more good researching my idea. If the buzzsaw cult did rat out Zankou we may need it!' The two sisters were about to rush and and attempt a rescue when Tempus succeeded in accessing Phoebe's powers. Due to his telepathically sharing the info with Zankou and the bond between the Halliwells for once Phoebe's premonition was shared by five minds. Piper and Paige stiffened as Tempus and Phoebe's combined powered revealed how the timeline had changed.

FLASHBACK February 2, 2007. Ootat the world's most malevolent midget enters the office of Baron Blitzkrieg. "Hey boss, I tossed the Halliwell's digs just to keep my hand in and you know what I found?"

"Vhat?" The Baron replied with little interest, instead he concentrates on new plans to take over the underworld, cheat fellow villains at golf, make Piper his queen and breed an army of winged vampire monkeys!

"I found and photocopied all of their diaries." Ootat explained holding up some of the copies.

"Vhat good does that do me?" Blitzkrieg replied.

"Wait until you hear about Phoebe's greatest regret!" Ootat enthuses and begins reading. At first the Baron is disinterested but as Ootat continues he begins to consider the possibilities and then to laugh!

April 25, 2002: A strange blue box materializes on the roof of a building. Emerging Baron Blitzkrieg grumbles "Vhere did Professor Proteus get such a strange design for der new version of his time machine?" And he thinks, ' If I have to use my powers to help it penetrate the temporal currents around this event I should ride in style!'

"The idea came from Dr Who." Ootat replied.

"How should I know?" The Baron replied in puzzlement. Ootat started to explain it was from a British TV show but shrugged his shoulders and thought, 'It's not worth the time. I just hope this plan works.'

So the diabolical duo entered the building as the time machine faded away. "Did you know that was going to happen boss?" Ootat asked worriedly.

"Of course, besides it's better this vay. Failure is not an option!' The Baron replied confidently.

So they entered a penthouse apartment, planted a couple of micro camera and ducked into a bedroom to wait. Soon two men entered the apartment and began their work.Then they waited patiently for two women to appear. As soon as they did Blitzkrieg and Ootat struck!

Part 24:"Ouch! That's evil!"

As anticipated Phoebe and the Seer have arrived at the penthouse while the Wizard is in the process of removing the powers of the Source from Cole. Phoebe at this time Queen of the Underworld, raises her hands to use her demonic powers on the Wizard just like the Seer wants. However Blitzkrieg blinks in behind her,grabs Phoebe's wrists and redirects her fire onto the Seer! "AAAAAAAH!!!" The seer screams in pain and rage as she staggers back across the room. As she slams into the wall she see Ootat with an Uzi. "You fool, bullets cannot stop me!" She snarls at the world's smallest assassin. Then he empties his 30 round clip into her. She collapses to the ground screaming in agony such as she has never known!

"LET ME GO, I MUST SAVE COLE!" Phoebe screams at the Baron having been tricked by the Seer and starting to panic as she cannot escape Blitzkrieg's viselike grip. Instead of complying he headbutts her instead! Phoebe is momentarily stunned by this and the Baron finishes her off with 3 blasts of his lightning vision! as she crumbles to the floor he thinks, 'And to think this is actually for her own good!' Then seeing that the powers have left Cole's body and are nearly to the Wizard's Blitzkrieg blinks in front of him!

"NOOOO!!!" The Wizard screams as the power he sought is stolen from him at the last minute! He tries to grab the intruder and toss him aside but gets backhanded for his trouble. The Baron absorbs the power, smiles and the timeline will never be the same!

Then Piper, Paige and Leo orb in. "Greetings my dearest enemies and you too Vyatt!" Baron Blitzkrieg greets them cheerfully and adds, "You vill be happy to know that Phoebe vill be fine and thanks to me Cole here is no longer evil."

A bit confused they and Cole rush over to Phoebe and Leo heals her. The Seer is now curled up in a ball whimpering so Paige looks at Ootat and asks, "What did you do to her? She's a very powerful demon."

Smiling Ootat holds up his uzi and replies, "I gave her full clip of SWAAN rounds."

"Swan rounds?" Paige asks confused.

"That's with 2 a's," Ootat corrects, "it stands for the clip load. Silver, water one guess what kind, arsenic, acid and of course napalm!"

"Ouch! That's evil!" Paige replies, "It won't kill every demon but it's got to hurt like hell! Actually it's kinda cool in a way."

Ootat just smiles virtually beaming in satisfaction.

Piper sighs and rising from Phoebe's side confronts the Baron saying, "So you stole the Source's powers, what now?"

Smiling he replies, "How about a temporary truce my dear? We both have problems to deal vith."

"Such as?" Piper asks raising an eyebrow.

"Your little problem vhich I think vill be solved if you svitch powers vith Vyatt for a day or two," He begins as Piper thinks in shock, 'How does he know about that?' 'and the Seer's hellspawn vhich Phoebe is currently a surrogate for." He finishes.

All three Charmed Ones hear that and their eyes widen in shock. A few minutes of negotiation later and an agreement is reached. In the days and weeks that follow the Baron's advice works. Wyatt Matthew Halliwell is concieved on schedule, the Seer's hellspawn and the Seer are destroyed and the sister have a break from demon fighting as the Baron puts down the first of many rebellions against his rule. Eventually it is decided to split Leo's powers between him and Cole. It is done so that both have all the powers except immortality. As the premonition ends the old timeline flashes through the Halliwell's minds and they realize they have been much happier in the new timeline.


"So if we change things back," Piper begins,

"We will screw ourselves over!" Paige concludes.

"Well crap!" Piper grumbles. Then both sisters shake off the premonition and rush in to save Phoebe...

Part 25:"Where's Phoebe?"

Rushing into the cavern Piper blasted both demons while Paige battered the handful of cultists with orbed rocks. As soon as the final cultist fell Paige joined Piper who was concentrating on Zankou. Tempus had collapsed in a help after a few single hadned blasts from Piper so she had turned her full wrath on Zankou. However even her full power was insufficient to finish the mighty demon off. So Paige hit him with a small (10' in diameter) boulder and stepping beside Piper suggested "A little rhyming sis?"

"Sure, what do you have in mind?" Piper replies while blasting Zankou as he tosses off the boulder in a rage. Improvising as they hold him off Paige starts and Piper repeats "Zankou your power is great, But you are filled with hate, we would like the power of three to end one so corrupt, but our sister seems to be wrapped up! So the power of two will have to do, let that power now obliterate you!" Zankou's body had started pulsing and twitching as soon as the first word of the spell was said and as it went on those effects grew in intensity. Now the spell finished, he exploded into flame and melted away leaving nothing behind!

"Now for Phoebe, " Piper said as she turned to see both Phoebe and Tempus gone!The sisters were shocked for only a second before they heard footsteps off in the distance and rushing down the tunnel nearest the altar after them! Two minutes later they caught the wounded and limping Tempus who turned to face them. He was about to say something but the angry Piper blew him to bits first!

"Where's Phoebe?" Paige worried as they saw no sign of her.

Piper paled and said, "I thought I saw her on the floor past him but it was just an old sack. What did he do with her?"

Meanwhile back in a room near the beginning of the tunnel Phoebe was really starting to sweat. Tempus had taken her into the cult's crematorium, deposited her onto the conveyor belt, strapped her down and started it up. Now still wrapped up like a mummy Phoebe was being carried towards the open mouth of a very hot furnace! 'I guess that plan to bargain for his life with my location didn't work out!' She thought as she fought her bonds. As her sisters began a frantic search for her, Phoebe was less than a minute away from flaming death!


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