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How To Kill A Witch parts 26 & 27
Fri Jul 27, 2007 20:10

Part 26:'this is going to be close!'

BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! Piper blasted down every door they came to as she and Paige searched for Phoebe. Frantic she called out, "COLE!" He orbed in and before he could say a word Piper said, "FIND PHOEBE NOW!"

For her part Phoebe was about to pass out from the heat and her cloth bindings were starting to smoke when Cole orbed in, reversed the conveyor belt and tore at the rope securing her to it. Then he snatched Phoebe off of the belt and started unwrapping her.

Later at the manor between glasses of water Phoebe said, "That was a little too close, another second or two and my hair would have caught fire!"

Moving on to another subject Piper reluctantly said, "Since we now know that the Baron changed the timeline, the question is what do we do about it?" Phoebe grew tense at this and couldn't speak.

Paige however realizing how much grief the old timeline had brought her sisters said, "Nothing, no more meddling with time. We can handle the bad guys here in the present just fine!" Seconds later Piper and Phoebe were both crying tears of relief and gratefully embracing Paige.

"What's that all about?" Cole whispered to Leo,

Who shrugged and replied, "I have no idea."

Shortly thereafter Paige said, "Don't we need to figure out a way to get rid of the Baron even if we aren't going to fix the timeline?"

"Yes we do," Piper replied and continued, "remember when we thought he migh pop up when we went after Zankou?" Paige nods and Piper goes on, "I got an idea from some of our recent and past experiences and sent the Hornet to tell dad about it. Dad did some research for us and here is what we are going to do."

A few days later the sisters once again visited that hive of scum and villiany known as the Perilous Predicaments Club. According to info recieved from their old friend the Chief of CONTROL, Baron Blitzkrieg played a round of golf with a fellow villain known only as Toomerlot on the first Saturday of every month. So the Charmed Ones put their plan into action. First the clubs ventilation system got a substantial dose of sleeping potion introduced into it. Then the sisters hit the golf course. Orbing behind obstacles they got ahead of the villians and pretending to golf on the 13th hole overheard the following.

"24 is a magnificent score mein freund, your game is improving vith every match." The familar voice of the Baron said.

"It's just the same as yours Baron, don't be so humble." The not so familiar voice of the black garbed, mustachioed Toomerlot replied.

"How do they get scores like that?" Phoebe whispered.

"They cheat like mad bastards." Paige replied, "The old saying If you aren't cheating you aren't trying applies here and in spades!"

"Never mind that," Piper interjected, "get ready, here they come!"

The Baron, Ootat, Toomerlot and his caddy stopped about 20' behind the Charmed Ones and started walking towards them. Knowing the Baron the sisters had all worn short tennis skirts and so none of the villians realized who was in front of them until the Halliwells made their move!

"CRYSTALS, CIRCLE!" Paige cried and a trio of enchanted crystals appeared around the Baron and Ootat. Unfortunately for him Toomerlot was also caught when the magical cage activated. So as the Charmed Ones chanted, "Penelope, Patricia, ...Halliwell Witches stand strong beside us," he acted on his well developed sense of self preservation. Using a radio controlled golf ball he knocked one of the crystals out of position. When he turned back to look at the Baron he saw that another crystal was also out of position and that the diabolical duo were already in battle with the Charmed Ones. 'So Professor Proteus is selling his special golf balls to all comers. That means both of us are cheating the same way today, that's annoying!'

Then he yelled , "SEE YOU AT THE CLUBHOUSE BARON! I'LL SEND HELP!" and took off running thinking, 'It's not healthy for a self respecting criminal mastermind around here. I'll send back all the loose thugs to help out. They are expendable unlike yours truly!'

However even as Toomerlot fled the tide of battle was turning. Paige had orbed poor Ootat into a quicksand trap and the sisters considered him out of action. So they concentrated their assault on Baron Blitzkrieg. Weakened by the half said vanquishing spell the Baron was on the verge of defeat when the Charmed Ones realized their mistake. Using the powers given him in the Baron's service Ootat blinked out of the quicksand, produced a dart gun and shot Piper in the butt! "Ah crappp!!!" Piper said as she pulled out the dart and the fast acting tranquilizer rendered her unconscious in record time!

"Dart gun!" Paige said and orbed it into her hand. ZAPPP! A lightning bolt hit the ground at her feet! She accidentially squeezed the trigger and the shot would have nailed Toomerlot but he shoved his caddy in the way. Before Paige could turn the tranq gun on someone else the recovering Baron blinked over her and a jet of green gas came from his hand to her face! As her vision faded to black Paige thought, 'Crap, his original powers have gotten stronger too.'

That left only Phoebe who backing away from the diabolical duo tripped over one the golf course's newest hazards. "Hey, what kind of maniacs put rr tracks on a golf course? She yelped in surprise but the only answer she got was Ootat tackling her at the ankles as she tried to scramble to her feet and Blitzkrieg pinning her to the ground wrestling style. Phoebe was quickly overpowered, bound and gagged. Her wrists were tied tightly together and secured to a spike driven into the ground over her head. Her ankles were also bound and secured to a second spike leaving her body stretched over the rr tracks. A red bandanna with a knot the middle was slipped into her mouth and the gag was tied tightly behind her head. Then as Phoebe struggled against her bonds Paige got the same treament and was tied down near Phoebe. Piper however was trussed up differently. Rolling her onto her belly the Baron arranged Piper's arms in double hammerlock fashion and tied each wrist to the opposite elbow. She was gagged with a bandanna like her sisters, laid down between them, her ankles were bound and secured to a spike. Finally a rope a was tied below her breasts and tied off to the top rr track.

Then Baron Blitzkrieg revived Piper with smelling salts and said, "Velcome back my dear." As Piper tried to rise he continued, "you vill note that ve have tied your hands so tht if you try to blast free of der tracks you vill blow up one of your sisters, BWAH, HAW, HAW!" Piper stared daggers at him as he continued "Ootat vill now activate der club train," Ootat takes a remote control from his pocket presses a button and a train whistle is heard in the distance. "and it is on it's vay!" Gesturing at Paige he continues, "I'm afraid ve have to get this done vith her napping because of that annoying disappearing act she does," he turns back to Piper and says, "but you can still live!"

Turning her head and seeing the train top a hill just over a mile away Piper thinks, 'Get on with it already!' Blitzkrieg does spreading his hands and urging, "Just become my little queen of darkness and I can let you live!" Piper shook her head no but thought, 'About time, I hope this works!' Right after the Baron said little queen of darkness Piper's purse which was lying the ground nearby began emiting pulses of blue light. The Baron didn't notice but Ootat did out of the corner of his eye, turned to look at it and his eyes glazed over. He walks over to the purse and starts to open it as the train picks up speed. Checking the train Piper thought, 'About a minute before it gets here, this is going to be close!'

Part 27: "Like that is going to stop me!"

With the train bearing down upon them all of the Charmed Ones hopes rested upon Ootat? Unable to free themselves Piper and Phoebe looked back and forth from the train to the malevolent midget. With the train just 30 seconds from impact the entranced Ootat removed a used paperback book from Piper's purse and all hell broke loose! A blue portal opened beside him releasing a pulse of magical energy as it did so! Piper and Phoebe thought, 'Derail the train!' as the pulse rolled over them but alas it did not! It did however bring Paige back to consciouness and she looked around in confusion. At the same time the pulse snapped Ootat out of his trance and the portal started drawing him in! "BOSS HELP!" He screamed and Blitzkrieg blinked over and grabbed his ankle. However Ootat was already halfway in and the pull grew stronger by the second!

"MMMMMPH!!!" Piper and Phoebe yell at Paige and the muffled screams succeeded in snapping her out of her drugged confusion! Spotting the oncoming train just 15 seconds away she orbs off of the tracks taking the adjacent Piper with her! 'What about me?' Phoebe thinks as watches the train bear down on her. Paige fumbles with her gag but her fingers are clumsy from the gassing she took.

Back in the club the only conscious villain Toomerlot watches this on closed circuit TV with an attached train timer. He watches the countdown with glee. 10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,..

Paige finally rips the gag from her mouth and yells"PHOEBE!" who is orbed out with the train wheels just inches from cutting her into her own power of three! A couple minutes later and the Halliwells are all free and the Baron halfway swallowed by the magic vortex coming from the portal. "Vhat have you done?" He demands as he tries to maintain his hold on Ootat.

Smiling Piper says, "This was our backup plan Baron. That bitch Fortuna liked to try and get rid of us in fiction so we are sending you through a Ficreal nexus. We enchanted that book to attract Ootat and the vortex to take you both in."

"In to vhere?" The Baron asks through clenched teeth as he is drawn further into the vortex.

"To the world of the Draka in January 1943." Piper replies and quickly continues, "to make a long story short they are alternate history villians who are worse than the nazis and communists combined. In the alternate WWII you are going to they will take all of Europe and most of Asia and enslave the populations. They will take the rest of the world in a nuclear war before 2000 and eventaully exterminate and replace the humanity on Earth by genetic engineering themselves. They are sadistic monsters whom the Allies thought were the lesser threat even though they have a 14 million man army and will have atomic bombs by 1944." She rolls here eyes at that stupidity and continues, "Maybe if you can quickly finish the purge of Nazi elements in the new European alliance you might be able to get Allied help before it's too late. If you should somehow manage to win the spell will be broken and you will return here." She finishes just before Blitzkrieg is finally drawn through and the portal closes.

"Fat chance of that," Paige says, "his powers will be lessened there won't they?"

"I guess," Phoebe says, "but I'm not sure how much. But no matter what happens he will be fighting for good this time!" She concludes with a smile.

"If you think that's ironic," Piper says, "think about this. If he had just abandoned Ootat he would have escaped. He has been banished because he wouldn't sacrifice a friend. No that is ironic." With that the sisters head home confident they are rid of the Baron and Ootat forever.

Sometime later somewhere else Ootat says, "Blinking inside of those Draka heavy tanks and killing the crews worked really well. You took out 36 of them and our new allies will get over half of them away before enemy reinforcements come. We will burn the rest."

"Smirking Baron Blitzkrieg replies, "Vhile I am not as strong here as at home I have more than enough power for my needs So vhat if I have to conquer half a vorld to return home? Like that is going to stop me! MWAH, HA, HA!"

"What next boss?" Ootat asks.

"Ve vill have to take control of United Europe, finish der purges, get any help from der allies ve can, locate the Draka atomic bomb assembly plants and steal the bombs before they can used against us. Ve vill crush dese Drak vermin and return to our vorld far sooner than the Charmed Ones expect! "

"That was a sneaky underhanded trap," Ootat grumbles for the 12th time, "in order to return to our lives of crime we have to do good.'

"Yes sneaky and underhanded there is hope for Piper becoming my queen yet!" The Baron says with a smile almost proud of Piper's deviousness.

Just then a small portal opens about 10' overhead and a bottle with a note inside falls through. Ootat takes out the note and reads aloud, "Hi Baron, we discovered that you had made thousands of these winged vampire monkeys from the powers of your vanquished rivals" He pauses and says, "She doesn't mention she helped with that while she was your Little Queen of Darkness for a week."

"She doesn't vant her sisters to know that." The Baron says with a smile and indicates that Ootat should continue.

He does reading, "So instead of going to all the trouble of hunting down these things we figured out a way to send them all to you, have fun! Your enemy Piper April 7, 2007."

Then the portal expands and the winged vampire monkeys begin streaming through. Smiling Blitzkrieg thinks, 'However she may deny it Piper is a bad girl at heart and vill become my little queen of darkness sooner or later. In the meantime, becoming master of Europe and fighting overvhelming odds vith the aid of Ootat and my vinged vampire monkeys vill make a svell vacation!'

Later the Charmed Ones have a toast at P3, "To not seeing the Baron and Ootat for years if ever again!"

And that is how the Charmed Ones banished the madman with the powers of the Source and made him the last hope for good in a world only a madman could have imagined. Have the sisters seen the last of him? Will the Baron and Ootat return or for them has it been


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