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Three Faces Of Phoebe
Tue May 20, 2008 15:25

Three Faces Of Phoebe (Missing Scene)

“There's your answer.” Old Phoebe said looking at Phoebe.

Leo orb in with Little Phoebe. “Leo, please, please, please, please.” Phoebe yelled sitting down on the ground holding Old Phoebe in her arms.

Leo rushed over and tried to heal her. “She's gone.” Leo said looking up a Phoebe. Old and Little Phoebe disappeared.

“What happened?”

“The spell played out. You heard what you needed to hear.”


Ten-year old Phoebe reappeared into the attic. She looked around…… remembering.

“Stay away from me or I'll stick Prue on you.” Ten-year old Phoebe said seeing the woman coming towards her.

“Oh, yeah, don't go there.” Piper laugh.

“Phoebe, listen to me. I know that this is scary but I promise you you are safe here in this house. In your house. Our house. You know how Grams talks about magic all the time? And she likes to say anything's possible as long as you believe in it.”

“Yes.” Phoebe replied.

“Well, that's what happened. Magic brought you here, to your future. See that girl over there? That is Piper all grown up.” Phoebe's eyes widen. “Yeah! And that is her husband Leo. Mm-hm. And I am.”


“Yeah. I wanna show you something.” Phoebe said. Phoebe held up her photo album. “Do you remember this? Daddy sent it to you and me for Christmas.”

“My album!”

“Yeah, except it starts with pictures of you and it goes all the way back here to pictures of me. Why don't you go take it over there and look at it?” Phoebe said. Phoebe handed Little Phoebe the photo album.


Phoebe the ran out of the attic. “Grams, Prue, Piper! You’re not going to believe this!” Phoebe yelled running down the stair and into the kitchen.

“You don’t have to yell Phoebe.” Prue said.

“What is it?” Grams asked looking at Phoebe.

“We're witch’s! I just came from the future… I saw Piper…… and…… and…… she is married to this guy Leo…… and there was this other woman…… her name was Paige.”

“Ok Phoebe I think you watch to much TV.” Piper cut in.

“I do not! It’s true!” Phoebe said, she turned to her grandmother. “Grams.”

Grams looked at Phoebe, not really knowing want to say. “I think you do watch to much TV Phoebe.”

“Grams! I’m telling the truth……”

“Well that's a first.” Prue said.

Phoebe looked at Prue angrily. “Find, if you don’t believe me Prue! But I saw it…… and I don’t care if anyone believes me! But I know I saw it.” Phoebe yelled, she ran out off the room.

Phoebe went up stairs and headed towards the attic, she went up the stairs and opened the attic door.

Phoebe walked over to see if there was a book there…… and there it was.‘I was right.’

“Phoebe! Phoebe where are you.” Grams voice was heard from downstairs.

Phoebe left the attic not wanting Grams to find her up here.Phoebe headed down the attic stairs but Phoebe stops half way down seeing her Grams standing at the bottom.

“Phoebe what are you doing up there?”

“I was just seeing it I was telling the truth, and I was right.” Phoebe said to Grams.

“You didn’t touch anything thing did you Phoebe?” Grams said, which she hope that Phoebe didn’t see the book of shadows, or read anything in it.

“What? The book?” Phoebe said looking at Grams. “No I didn’t.”

“Ok Phoebe I want you to go to your room now and not come out until I say so.”

“Fine!” Phoebe said, she headed to her bedroom.

Grams waited for Phoebe to be in her room, then headed up to the attic, and over to the book of shadows. “Hear these words. Hear my cry spirit from the other side. Come to me, I summon thee. Cross now the Great Divide.” Inside the circle, white magical lights, ever-so-slowly begin to appear. Patty appeared.


“Hi Patty.”

“Why did you summon me?”

“I have a little problem…… it seems that your youngest daughter found out that were witch’s.”

“What how?” Patty asked surprise.

“It seems that some how she went to the future…… where there are witch’s.”

“Why don’t we just erase her memory of going to the future.”

“Good idea.”

“Mom?” a voice said behind Penny.

Penny turned around and saw Phoebe standing there. “Phoebe what are you doing up here didn’t I tell you to stay in your room.”

Phoebe did not say anything she just looked at her mother standing in the room, which she should be died. Phoebe stepped slowly towards her mother. “Mom…… but your…… your dead.”

“I am Phoebe…… it's really hard to explain.” Patty stepped out of the circle. “Phoebe…… come here.”

Phoebe, who looked like she was going to cry, looked at Grams then at her mother, she walked slowly over to her mother. Patty gave Phoebe a hug, which Phoebe returned back. Patty waved one of her hands at her mother. Then point her hand towards the shelf. Penny upon seeing what her daughter pointing to, knowing what meant. Penny went over to the shelf and took a little bag and goes over to her daughter and granddaughter. Penny opened the bag and took some dust out, she threw it at Phoebe… which she black out in Patty arms. Penny went up to Patty, she took Phoebe from her arms.

“You better go.” Penny said to her daughter.

“Good idea.” Patty disappeared.

Penny took Phoebe out of the attic and into Phoebe’s room, she put her down on the bed.

“Sorry Phoebe…… but it is better that you don’t remember any of thing…… your not ready.” Penny said, she bent down and gave Phoebe a kiss on her forehead. Penny then left Phoebe’s room.


  • storyCharmedPhoebe, Tue May 20 15:24
    Somehow my name is gone, with my stories,on tome, I reposted the stories below this.
    • note DICharmedPhoebe, Fri May 23 19:20
      Just these three stories I like Three Faces Of Phoebe Premonition Childhood Monster don't what any of my other stories posted if you have them.
    • Three Faces Of Phoebe — CharmedPhoebe, Tue May 20 15:25
      • I always liked this lil short (nm)Di, Sat Oct 25 14:27
      • This was awesome!Lauren, Tue May 20 16:06
        Hey there! Lauren here! I hope you're doing well. I LOVED this story! It was so cute! I LOVED this episode as well. Little Phoebe was so cute! Is there a place I can read more from you? Lauren
        • PostCharmedPhoebe, Wed May 21 11:20
          I post all my fanfic on fanfiction net
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