Mystical Tomes

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Tue May 20, 2008 15:25


Prue - 8
Piper - 6
Phoebe - 3

“Hay… give me that back!” yelled eight year old Prue, running down the stairs after her younger sister Piper, who had took her toy that she was playing with.

“Girls, please no running in the house.” Penny said seeing her grandchildren running.

Prue stop at the bottom of the stairs, Piper stopped too. Grams, “Piper took my toy that I was playing and won’t give it back.” Prue said looking up at Grams.

“Not true, I had it first!”

“Liar!” Prue yelled, using her power on the toy to bring it to her.

“Hey! No powers!” Piper said looking at Prue.

“What did I say about using your powers?”

“But, Grams… Piper!”

“No buts, Prudence… and what did I say to you two about using your power?”

“That we're not suppose to use them unless there are bad men here.” Both Piper and Prue said.

“That’s right… now both of you off to your rooms, please.”

“But, Grams.” Piper said.

“Now girls… and check on your little sister.”

Both Piper and Prue started up the stairs together. Piper hurried up beside her sister and grabbed the toy from her sister’s hand and ran up the stairs.

“Piper!” Prue yelled running after Piper.


Prue walked into nursery were her other little sister was, Prue see little Phoebe trying to get out of her crib. “Where do you think your trying to go?" Prue asked walking toward her sister.

Phoebe looked up at her sister. “Me… need mommy…”

“Mommy’s not here right now, but your big sister here.” Prue said picking up her little sister in her arms.

“I need… mommy.” Phoebe said starting to cry and getting out of Prue’s arms.

“Mommy not home now… please don’t cry.”

“I want… mommy!” Phoebe cried, kicking at her sister.

“Phoebe… please stop! Grams!” Prue yelled.

“What is it Prue?” Penny said coming into the room.

“Phoebe won’t stop crying… she wants mom.” Prue said handing Phoebe to Grams, then Prue left the room.

“Phoebe sweetie, what’s wrong?” Penny asked, trying to calm down her youngest grandchild.

“Me want mommy… bad man.”

“What about bad man?”

“He hurt her.” Little Phoebe said crying.

“Its ok… all get mommy home… alright.” Penny said looking at Phoebe.

Phoebe just shook her head.

“Patty you need to come home right away.” Penny said talking on the phone with her daughter.

“Is everything ok? Are the children ok?” Patty asked worried.

“The children are fine… its just you need to come home, I think Phoebe had her first premonition, she said a man was going to hurt you…”

“I'll be home as soon as I can.”

“Alright, but please come soon.”

“I will mom… I love you.”

“Love you too.” Penny replied hanging up the phone; she then headed up the stairs. Penny went to Phoebe, who was trying to get out of the crib. “Hey… little one… don’t worry mommy’s coming home.” Penny said coming over to the crib and taking Phoebe in her arms and leaving the room and heading to the attic with Phoebe. Penny went over to the book of shadows and opened the book. “Look Phoebe I’m going to show you some pictures in this book… if you see the man in your dreams… can you point for me?” Penny said looking at little Phoebe in her arms. Phoebe just nodded her head. “Good.” Penny replied starting to flip the pages of the book.

“Bad man!” Phoebe yelled, starting to cry.

Penny looked at Phoebe. “Is that the bad man in your dream?” Penny asked, looking down at the book of shadows now.

“Bad man!” Phoebe cried.

“Its ok… Phoebe… don’t worry everything is going to be ok.”

“Mom… I’m home!” yelled Patty from downstairs.

“See mommy’s home.” Penny said. “Up in the attic Patty!” Penny yelled.

“What are you doing up here?” Patty asked coming into the attic a few minuets later.

“Mommy!” Phoebe cried seeing her mom.

“Hey… sweetie.” Patty said coming up to her youngest daughter; she took her crying daughter from her mother's arms.

“Mommy…” Little Phoebe cried putting her little hands around her mother’s neck holding onto her.

“It’s ok sweetie mommy’s here… nothing bad is going to happen to me ok.” Patty said. Little Phoebe did not say anything, she just held onto her mother. “Mom I'll be right back.” Patty said heading out of the attic and down the stairs with Phoebe. A little while later Patty rentered the attic. “Mom what were you doing… in the attic with Phoebe?” Patty asked.

“Showing her the book, she pointed out the demon that was going to hurt you. We can vanquish the demon with a poison.”

“Alright we'll make the poison.” Both Patty and Penny leave the attic.


Patty and Penny had finished making the poison and headed up the stairs, Patty stepped into the room Phoebe was in and picked her up and carried her out of the room, and into the girl’s room. Piper and Prue were watching television. “Girls.” Patty said coming up to her children. Both Piper and Prue turned around to face their mother. “I want you girls to stay in this room until I say you can come out… ok… and lock the door.” Patty said, give Phoebe to Prue… who carried her into her arms.

“Is everything ok?” Prue asked.

“Everything is fine… I just want you to stay in this room… ok.”

“Yes mom.” Both Piper and Prue said.

“Good.” Patty then leaves the girls room and headed up the stairs with Penny following right behind her. After they had left the girl’s room Piper had locked the room.


Upstairs in the attic Patty and Penny had said the spell and now the demon was standing right in front of them.

“What the hell! How did you…” yelled the demon.

Patty threw the poison at the demon.

“Noooo!” the demon then vanquished into flames.


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