Mystical Tomes

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Childhood Monster
Tue May 20, 2008 15:26

Childhood Monster

Prue - 11
Piper - 9
Phoebe - 6

A six-year old Phoebe woke up, she keep hearing noises and it was coming from downstairs. Phoebe got up from where she was and headed out of her room and downstairs toward the source of the sound. Phoebe walked into the kitchen, she looked around and see that the door to the basement was open, it was coming from there, the sound. Phoebe walked towards the basement door slowly. She stopped right at the edge of the stairs that goes down. Phoebe looked down below and what she saw scared her, and it was a dark black shadow. It was the Woogyman. Phoebe also saw her grandmother standing right in front of the shadow and one of her hands was outstretched towards the dark shadow.

“Grams?” Phoebe said scared, she did not know what was going on.

Penny turned around, to see her youngest granddaughter standing at the top of the stairs looking down at her. “Go back to bed honey. Go on.” Penny said turning back to the shadows. Phoebe who was really scared turned away from the basement and ran upstairs and to the place she felt the safest.

“Prue! Prue wake up! Prue!” Phoebe yelled, getting on her sister’s bed and shaking her.

“What… is it Phoebe?” Prue replied tired, she turned and looked at her little sister.

“The Woogyman! The Woogyman is coming! I saw it! I did!” she yelled.

“Phoebe… it's just a story.” Prue said.

“It's not I saw it!” yelled Phoebe.

“You don't have to yell Phoebe.”

“What’s going on in here?” Penny asked coming into the room, she had head screaming.

“It's Phoebe, grams, she said the Woogyman was coming.” Prue said tired, as she tried to go back to sleep.

“Come on Phoebe back to bed.” Penny said coming over to Phoebe and picking her up and caring her out of her oldest granddaughter room. Penny went down the hallway to Phoebe room, with Phoebe in her arms. She entered the room and sat down on the bed with her granddaughter.

“Grams the Woogyman…”

“Honey it's ok the Woogyman is gone.”

“But what if it came back! What if he does?” Phoebe asked, scared.

“There is something that makes the Woogyman go away… whenever you feel like the Woogyman is near you… all you have to say is. I am light, I am one too strong to fight, return to the dark where shadows dwell, you can not have this Halliwell. Go away and leave my site, and take with you this endless night.”

“I am light, I am one too strong to fight, return to the dark where shadows dwell, you can not have this Halliwell. Go away and leave my site, and take with you this endless night.” Phoebe said repeat what her grams said, Phoebe keep repeating what her grams said in her head. “What if he get Piper or Prue?” Phoebe asked looking at her grams.

“We will teach your sisters tomorrow, how do destroy it… ok. Try and sleep.”

“I can’t go back.”

“You can sweetie… would you feel safer if I stayed here with you tonight.” Penny asked.

Phoebe just shook her head.

“Grams why do we have to say it… Phoebe's scared of it not us.” Piper asked, sitting down next to her older sister Prue who was eating her breakfast, Grams was sitting down across from Prue.

“Because it would make your youngest sister feel safe.”

Just then Phoebe walked into the kitchen; she saw her sisters and her grandmother sitting down at the table. “Did you tell them?” Phoebe asked coming over and sitting down next to her.

“Yes they are about to say it… right girls?”

“Yes.” Both Piper and Prue said looking at Phoebe.

“Now all of you repeat after me.” Penny said to all her granddaughters.

“I am light,” Penny said.

“I am light,” all of her granddaughters repeated.

“I am one too strong to fight,”

“I am one too strong to fight,”

“return to the dark where shadows dwell,”

“return to the dark where shadows dwell,”

“you can not have this Halliwell.”

“you can not have this Halliwell.”

“Go away and leave my site,”

“Go away and leave my site,”

“and take with you this endless night.”

“and take with you this endless night.”

“Good… alright you three you’re free to go…,” Penny said to the girls. Prue, Piper, and Phoebe leave the kitchen. After they went Penny standup. “God… I hope they remember the spell, at least I hope Phoebe will. They would need to know it later in their life, if the woogyman comes back.” Penny said thinking to herself.


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