Mystical Tomes

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note DI
Fri May 23, 2008 19:20

Just these three stories I like

Three Faces Of Phoebe
Childhood Monster

don't what any of my other stories posted if you have them.

  • storyCharmedPhoebe, Tue May 20 15:24
    Somehow my name is gone, with my stories,on tome, I reposted the stories below this.
    • note DI — CharmedPhoebe, Fri May 23 19:20
    • Three Faces Of PhoebeCharmedPhoebe, Tue May 20 15:25
      Three Faces Of Phoebe (Missing Scene) “There's your answer.” Old Phoebe said looking at Phoebe. Leo orb in with Little Phoebe. “Leo, please, please, please, please.” Phoebe yelled sitting down on the ... more
      • I always liked this lil short (nm)Di, Sat Oct 25 14:27
      • This was awesome!Lauren, Tue May 20 16:06
        Hey there! Lauren here! I hope you're doing well. I LOVED this story! It was so cute! I LOVED this episode as well. Little Phoebe was so cute! Is there a place I can read more from you? Lauren
        • PostCharmedPhoebe, Wed May 21 11:20
          I post all my fanfic on fanfiction net
      • PremonitionCharmedPhoebe, Tue May 20 15:25
        Premonition Prue - 8 Piper - 6 Phoebe - 3 “Hay… give me that back!” yelled eight year old Prue, running down the stairs after her younger sister Piper, who had took her toy that she was playing with. ... more
        • Childhood MonsterCharmedPhoebe, Tue May 20 15:26
          Childhood Monster Prue - 11 Piper - 9 Phoebe - 6 A six-year old Phoebe woke up, she keep hearing noises and it was coming from downstairs. Phoebe got up from where she was and headed out of her room... more
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