Mystical Tomes

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Thu Dec 23, 2010 07:28

This was a story I started years ago but never finished. If anyone wants to take over writing it, feel free to do so.


As soon as she entered John Nichols’s condo, Phoebe Halliwell could sense that something was wrong. John, a friend and classmate’s of Phoebe’s at the university, had been having an amazing run of bad luck (those close to him had also suffered the same bad luck). Phoebe smelled magic, but wanted to be sure before getting Prue and Piper involved (the recent incident of those three girls turning animals into men had served to heighten Phoebe’s radar of magic being used by amateurs). When Phoebe entered the main living room of the condo, she was shock to see John’s younger brother, Peter, dressed all in black and chanting. This looks bad. Phoebe thought.
“Welcome, witch,” Peter said, smiling evilly.
“Witch?” Phoebe asked, hoping to bluff her way through.
“Oh don’t bother trying to cover up, I know who and what you are.”
“How?” Phoebe asked.
“Information comes my way,” Peter replied. Clearly he was not going to divulge anything more.
“I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that you’re responsible for all the bad luck that John, Meg, and the others have been going through.”
“Yes, I am. And I’m just getting warmed up,” Peter said.
“But why?” Phoebe asked.
Before Peter could reply to Phoebe’s query, the door to the condo opened again and John’s girlfriend, Meg Brown, entered. Meg, a girl around Phoebe’s age with pixie brunette hair, was also a student at the university, but in a different course than that of Phoebe and John. Seeing Peter, the brother of her boyfriend, dressed in black, bought Meg to a stop. “Peter? Why are you dressed like that?” she asked.
“Meg! Get out of here now!” Phoebe said, trying to warn the girl of the danger without divulging too much.
“Phoebe, what do you mean?” Meg asked. “I got a call that said John wanted to meet me here. Where is he?”
“Not here. I made that call.” Peter said.
“You did? Why?”
“Because I wanted you here when I cast my big spell. Now all we have to do is wait for John, and we’re good to go!”
“Spell?” Meg said, laughing. “Don’t be silly, Peter. There is no such thing as magic.”
“Oh really, Meg? Then explain this!” With that, Peter raised his hands and conjured a fireball, which he then shot towards a nearby vase. Peter smiled as the vase was blasted to pieces.
Meg’s eyes rolled back and she fainted.
“Peter, why did you do that? Now I can’t get her out of here!” Phoebe said.
“Hey is it my fault that Miss Science Major can’t wrap her mind around the concept of magic?”
Phoebe was really worried by now. Clearly Peter was no novice, but had been at this for some time. “Why are you doing this?” she asked, hoping for answers.
“Because I’m sick of John always getting the good things!” Peter said bitterly. “He always got the good grades, he got the good clothes, the good cars. He got a hot girlfriend,” he indicated Meg on the floor. “I just want what’s mine for a change! If I can’t have it, he can’t!”
“So that is what this is all about,” Phoebe said. “What is this big spell you plan to cast?
“I’m gonna put a major whammy on this condo when John gets here. If I were you, witch, I’d leave now!”
“But what about Meg? Thanks to you, she’s unconscious.”
“No problem.” Peter said and quickly shot another fireball at Meg’s prone form.
Diving faster than she thought possible, Phoebe shot down and rolled Meg out of the way an instant before the fireball hit. She quickly pulled the unconscious girl to safety behind the couch.
“Go ahead, hide, it won’t do either of you any good!” Peter taunted.
Meg will be okay, she’s just fainted. Phoebe thought. Right now Peter is the main problem!
At that point, John came into the condo.

    • oh.. Di, Sun Jul 8 10:08
      i like it.. you should keep going...
      • Re: oh.. Anonymous, Mon Jul 9 02:54
        Yes I vote new stories!!! I always loved these stories- youngest halliwell with the pollux series was my fav. !!!
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