Mystical Tomes

Tue Nov 22, 2011 17:22

Yeah I have missed this site! In me 30's now! But I am still determined to finished what I have started. (but now I'm in

But where ever you all are! It has been a blast!

  • wowcloud7, Wed Oct 12 16:29
    Hi everyone! Jeeeeesus, yesterday I tried to read some old fics and couldn't open this page and I thought it was closed down or something and I was mildly shocked lol, and now it's there again, thank ... more
    • Re: wowDi, Thu Nov 1 00:25
      I still lurk around here now and then to se who is still passing ny. i still keep in touch with a few Charmed friends. thnx for staying it out Di
    • JC — Anonymous, Tue Nov 22 17:22
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