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Tue Dec 1, 2009 2:23am

Hey Shayla,

Remember Me? How are you? I am still reading this site and will always do. I can't write - no talent. Can you or anyone who is keen write for me?

Would like to see a story like this.

Right after Iola's death, Joe can't accept it. Always blaming himself and has a tremendous guilt feeling. Always arguing with Fenton. Can't communicate well with parents, Frank and friends. Chet avoided him and Callie gives him the cold shoulder. At one time - fight with Frank which ended up with Frank fell down the staircase and in a coma. Fenton gets very very angry at Joe and beats him up badly. Joe is devastated that his action has dissapointed everyone and Frank is in danger. He finally took his own life . (don't know how but it ended up with him bleeding badly or having a bad scar - he was rescued by Mr Morton). The Mortons told him that Joe is like a son to them and they do not want to lose another child. Joe has a hard time mending the relationship with his father and Frank.

How about that? Can you write something like that? Thank you in advance.


Hey Shayla! Do e-mail me. BTW, do you have any problem posting message at HDA website? I can't get in for a long time already. Always did not accept my password. Guess got to re- register and be a new member.

  • Hi Everyone!Shayla, Thu Oct 1 8:48pm
    Im not sure if anyones lurking, but I hope everyones doing well! is anyone writing anything new? I can start something if you want! I am not sure whos around... anyone interested?
    • Hello — vinita, Tue Dec 1 2:23am
      • Hi!!!Shayla, Thu Dec 3 4:59pm
        Its been a LONG time! I need to start visiting all the sites again... that storys sounds good... to me, no matter how well someone right, its always the storyline that matters to me! Why not try... more
        • Shayla/Moonstarvinita, Sat Dec 5 8:56am
          Thanks for the response. I really can't write. IN school, they did not teach us how to write. Main language is Bahasa Malaysia. Also, my vocab. is limited. Therefore, hard to express something in... more
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