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Thu Dec 3, 2009 4:59pm

Its been a LONG time! I need to start visiting all the sites again... that storys sounds good... to me, no matter how well someone right, its always the storyline that matters to me! Why not try writing it up and having someone read it through and edit it for you? I have some friends that do that for me! Its alot of fun too, getting advice and helping each other.
Sadly, my husband ACCIDENTLY deleted our microsoft program and I have no spell checking or anything to help me attempt to write at the moment... my email is if you wanna email me there. I am not sure if I have your old email address :/
It was good hearing from you! I know everyone at the other site had to reregister b/c of some hacker :/

Talk to you soon! I'll let you know when my microsoft office is back up and we can try and write something!

Hugs* Shayla

  • Hellovinita, Tue Dec 1 2:23am
    Hey Shayla, Remember Me? How are you? I am still reading this site and will always do. I can't write - no talent. Can you or anyone who is keen write for me? Would like to see a story like this.... more
    • Hi!!! — Shayla, Thu Dec 3 4:59pm
      • Shayla/Moonstarvinita, Sat Dec 5 8:56am
        Thanks for the response. I really can't write. IN school, they did not teach us how to write. Main language is Bahasa Malaysia. Also, my vocab. is limited. Therefore, hard to express something in... more
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