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Sat Dec 5, 2009 8:56am

Thanks for the response. I really can't write. IN school, they did not teach us how to write. Main language is Bahasa Malaysia. Also, my vocab. is limited. Therefore, hard to express something in writing. Many a times, I wanted to write a word (in the message) but have to delete it because I am not sure whether the grammar used is correct. Even now, simple English that I used here I believe have many grammar errors.

Really I can't write. Have many ideas that I always play in my head to help me fall asleep. LOL.

My email is or


Any idea where is Joyce/Hbwgonnabe now? I e mailed her a few times but got no response. Am wondering whether the e mail addy is wrong or perhaps she doesn't want to write to me anymore. (I would like to confirm that). We used to write snail letter to each other. However, I lost the address. (So sad). Whatever it is, I hope to hear from her.


  • Hi!!!Shayla, Thu Dec 3 4:59pm
    Its been a LONG time! I need to start visiting all the sites again... that storys sounds good... to me, no matter how well someone right, its always the storyline that matters to me! Why not try... more
    • Shayla/Moonstar — vinita, Sat Dec 5 8:56am
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