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Re: website???
Thu Jan 28, 2010 4:46am

Hi Vinita! I am also good! :)

To get to the website I mentioned, just click on the link below..

You just need to type the address of the needed site/webpage there and it takes you 'back in time'. It is like internet's time machine.:)

  • Re: website???vinita, Wed Jan 27 9:16am
    Hey Shilpa, Yeh! HOw are you doing? Me great! How do I get to the website you mentioned? Keep smiling girl.
    • Re: website??? — Shilpa, Thu Jan 28 4:46am
      • Re: website???vinita, Thu Jan 28 9:57am
        I don't know the website name. Can you give it to me? I am not well versed with computer and their links. Old Dinasaur here!!!!
        • Re: website???Shilpa, Thu Jan 28 12:55pm
          Sure. But what exactly you want to see? Website’s name or address depends upon that.
          • Re: website???vinita, Fri Jan 29 8:19am
            I want to see Moonstar synopsis page and the horror stories etc... (which we can't access in her normal website). The only one I can access is when I scroll down to the authors and open up their... more
            • Re: website???Shilpa, Fri Jan 29 2:47pm
              You are welcome.:) Synopsis page is here.. The horror stories page is here..... more
              • Re: website???vinita, Sat Jan 30 11:19am
                Thank you very much Shilpa. MUAK!!!! lOVE YOU!
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