missing stuff
Fri May 7, 2010 10:29pm

As someone else explained, Geocities did offficially close. Now I've reached the limit on my Freewebs space. I won't be able to add on addtionally stuff unless I add onto my Angelfire pages. I noticed someone asked about the Horror stories section, which story was it that you were looking for?


    • Re: missing stuffwhitetigers, Thu May 27 11:30am
      Wish i could remember the names of the stories. But i know one was from Puldoh. Cant remember the other author's name. Sorry.
      • Re: Re: missing stuffMoonstar, Thu Jun 3 4:33pm
        Hmmm, that may have been in the horror stories section or in the other ones Geocities took down. Do you remember if it was there?
        • Re: Re: missing stuffwhitetigers, Fri Jun 4 3:27pm
          Oh yes it was in the horror section. His uncle had been raping Joe since he was 4 and when he told his mother, she just got mad at him for lying. It wasnt until he was 16 or gonna be 16 that his... more
          • missing stuffKasey, Sat Jun 5 1:21am
            The story was "A Plea for Help." Here's a link to the Horror page that it's on:
            • Re: missing stuffwhitetigers, Sat Jun 5 1:28pm
              OMG! I thought the horror page was all deleted! Thank you for the link! :D My next few days will be filled with reading now. :)
              • horror storiesAnonymous, Thu Jun 10 2:56am
                Thank You , for posting that link . However , some of the chapters will not come up . I'm also waiting to read the 3 alternate endings , to Pain
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