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Re: pain
Thu May 20, 2010 10:48pm

Hi there!

Vin here. Stacey, the story is Pain by Gabrielle. I have the same problem too. Just read the story and can't open the 3 other choices.

OH my God! This story really had me cryng my eyes out. I can't believe Joe is having such bad luck. I felt really really sad. Would like to read other choice of ending. He is so pitiful here but Kudos! to the author. You have such a good imagination. Can't wait to see other story. BTW, I guess the Dead Scholar Society is not related to Pain right? Joe is alive here.


ARe you the one from Malaysia? The one I corresponded for awhile?

BTW, Anonymous, How do you do? Don't be anonymous. Let's be friends. I am Vinita. There are many wonderful people here. See ya!

  • painAnonymous, Sat May 1 11:14pm
    I would like to know ,why I can't read the three other stories , to see how they turn out
    • Re: pain — vinita, Thu May 20 10:48pm
      • Re: painwhitetigers, Fri May 21 1:26pm
        Hi Vinita, I've seen you on HDA. I liked Pain myself. It was a great story that had me going all the way to the end. But when i read it, it didnt have 3 endings. It just had the one. And what an... more
        • Re: painAnonymous, Sat May 22 12:47am
          Hello Whitetigers, Yes, I know you too. (by name only of course). Great to hear from you. Yes, that was a good ending for Pain but I really feel very sad. Fate is so cruel on him. The author did put... more
          • Re: painwhitetigers, Sat May 22 4:09pm
            Yeah, i know how you feel, it just seems no matter what that Joe can never catch a break. But at least this time it was all a dream of Frank's. I know the story you are talking about when Joe gets... more
            • Re: painAnonymous, Sun May 23 7:58am
              You are talking about the story "Pain", Tammy.:p
              • Re: painwhitetigers, Sun May 23 9:25am
                yes, i was talking about the story Pain. Sorry for the confusion. :/
    • painMoonstar, Fri May 7 10:07pm
      Which stories? Moonstar
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