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Re: pain
Sat May 22, 2010 4:09pm

Yeah, i know how you feel, it just seems no matter what that Joe can never catch a break. But at least this time it was all a dream of Frank's.

I know the story you are talking about when Joe gets aids. I cant place the name but he also has stomach cancer. Joe has a birthday party that everyone comes to and after everyone leaves he is standing by the door and when Frank comes back into the living room him and Joe look at each other and Joe passes out. They take him to the hospital and they try to resuscitate him only to have him die in the end. I'm not sure but i thought I read it on I think that's the one. There are so many stories that they all tend to mesh together after awhile. LOL. Good luck in finding it. :)

  • Re: painAnonymous, Sat May 22 12:47am
    Hello Whitetigers, Yes, I know you too. (by name only of course). Great to hear from you. Yes, that was a good ending for Pain but I really feel very sad. Fate is so cruel on him. The author did put... more
    • Re: pain — whitetigers, Sat May 22 4:09pm
      • Re: painAnonymous, Sun May 23 7:58am
        You are talking about the story "Pain", Tammy.:p
        • Re: painwhitetigers, Sun May 23 9:25am
          yes, i was talking about the story Pain. Sorry for the confusion. :/
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