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Fri Jun 4, 2010 3:27pm

Oh yes it was in the horror section. His uncle had been raping Joe since he was 4 and when he told his mother, she just got mad at him for lying. It wasnt until he was 16 or gonna be 16 that his uncle came back for him and he was in the process of raping him again when Frank came in the room and caught him. They both tried to explain it to their parents what Laura's brother was doing but they didnt believe them. So Frank took Joe with him and on the way to the police station, it was all to much for Joe and he passed out. Frank met a lawyer, and found the same had been done to him and the lawyer wanted to help them so he did it pro bono. Frank ended up getting custody of Joe. I just cant remember the name. :/

  • Re: Re: missing stuffMoonstar, Thu Jun 3 4:33pm
    Hmmm, that may have been in the horror stories section or in the other ones Geocities took down. Do you remember if it was there?
    • Re: Re: missing stuff — whitetigers, Fri Jun 4 3:27pm
      • missing stuffKasey, Sat Jun 5 1:21am
        The story was "A Plea for Help." Here's a link to the Horror page that it's on:
        • Re: missing stuffwhitetigers, Sat Jun 5 1:28pm
          OMG! I thought the horror page was all deleted! Thank you for the link! :D My next few days will be filled with reading now. :)
          • horror storiesAnonymous, Thu Jun 10 2:56am
            Thank You , for posting that link . However , some of the chapters will not come up . I'm also waiting to read the 3 alternate endings , to Pain
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