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Re: Hi Everyone :)
Sun Nov 7, 2010 9:31am

Well, i for one would love to see you begin where you left off. I really like Maggie and her brothers. You ended it at a good place but you might have other ideas or another set of people you would like to play with. I'm open to anything. I enjoy your writing so much i'll take anything. :)

  • Hi Everyone :)Shayla, Sat Nov 6 6:16pm
    Just wondering if anyone would be interested in me writing another hardy boys fanfic? :) Was debating continuing where I left off, or I can start new... Let me know what people want to see! Shayla
    • Re: Hi Everyone :) — whitetigers, Sun Nov 7 9:31am
      • Re: Hi Everyone :)Shayla, Sun Nov 7 1:34pm
        :) Thanks! I still have the first three chapters I created. Maybe I'll work with that :)
        • Re: Re: Hi Everyone :)Moonstar, Mon Nov 15 10:12pm
          Ah! Well, I'll start a little shuffling around the site to make room!
          • Re: Re: Hi Everyone :)Shayla, Sat Nov 20 10:58pm
            Thanks so much! I am at the first three chapters and getting a move on!
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