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Looking for stories
Wed Nov 24, 2010 6:07am

Sorry previous message was just testing this function. Here is real message.

None of the stories have synopsis so I can't know what the story is about until I read. Sometimes I have to read multiple chapters to find out it veered away from my expectation and I have to find another story. A synopsis would have help eliminate some of that. So, I'm looking for story recommendation.

I like good detective stories with interesting plots, no AU, less fluff or if there a lot I need to be able to skip it without messing the storyline.


    • Re: Looking for storiesShilpa, Sun Dec 5 6:00am
      Hi San! Here is the old synopsis page from an archive site.. Hope it helps. :)
    • Re: Looking for storiesShayla, Wed Nov 24 1:53pm
      All of Moonstars work fit what your looking for. I have my own stuff but it involved other characters that may not interest you. Moonstars have always been my favorites on this site. When I get home... more
      • Re: Looking for storiessan, Sat Nov 27 10:34pm
        Thanks Shayla, have found several in there which fit my interests. Terror on Ice, Illusions, Cold Snap so far the best.
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