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Re: whitetiger'siesstories
Thu Jan 27, 2011 12:13pm

Sorry, i know its been awhile but i am writing the 3rd part now. Its slow going but i will get it done. Promise. :)
The Healing is taking a new turn i wasnt expecting and i am having some difficulty getting it down on paper. Just because its in my head doesnt mean it wants to go anywhere else. :D Hope you like the stories so far. I've been hashing it out with Shayla, another writer on here. She is an amazing writer herself. She has an awesome series going on right now. I just betaed her last story. Thanks for being patient.

  • whitetiger'siesstoriesAnonymous, Wed Jan 26 7:12pm
    I was wondering , where is the third part ?
    • Re: whitetiger'siesstories — whitetigers, Thu Jan 27 12:13pm
      • Re: whitetiger'siesstoriesShayla, Mon Jan 31 10:55pm
        the third part of her story is coming along very well! She wants to get it just... right! :) You'll enjoy it and it'll be worth the wait! And thanks for the comments Tammy :D
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