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Updates and additions
Thu Jun 16, 2011 5:25pm

Hi! I'm back after taking a computer course and updating my computer. Now I can finally work on my website. What I'll need help with is if you spot any errors or broken links. I'm going to try and link two websites together since Geocities no longer exists.

    • Breaking the Habit Ficpuldoh, Wed Jun 20 2:12am
      Hey, I was just wanting to get my story off the net. It's called Breaking the Habit. And if you have the other story we paired up on, by any chance still, I would love a copy. Lost it all. But I do... more
    • Re: Updates and additionswhitetigers, Fri Jun 17 6:16am
      Sounds great! Good luck... :)
      • Re: Re: Updates and additionsMoonstar, Sat Jul 23 11:04pm
        Thanks. And I had to get through some snags, like having to spend almost a week cleaning out unneeded files just to get the Internet to work right!
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