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Frank Russian Adoptee story
Mon Aug 8, 2011 1:54pm

Thanks for the information! The story isn't on HDA any longer but if you go to the wayback machine ( and put in Hardy Detective Agency, you can find the story in the Aug. 2006 archive under the author (Velvet). The story was called 'Home'.

  • Re: Frank Russian Adoptee storyAnonymous, Sun Aug 7 11:22am
    It was also in hardy detective agency...i don't remember the name though i'm fairly certain it was written by velvet.I'm looking for the same story...
    • Frank Russian Adoptee story — Anonymous, Mon Aug 8 1:54pm
      • Re: Frank Russian Adoptee storyAnonymous, Wed Aug 31 2:52am
        thank you so much...i found it!!
      • Re: Frank Russian Adoptee storywhitetigers, Tue Aug 9 3:44am
        Thank you so much for this information! I had no idea this site was even out there! I have been looking forever trying to find a couple of stories by a couple of girls that took their stories off a... more
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