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Breaking the Habit Fic
Wed Jun 20, 2012 2:12am

Hey, I was just wanting to get my story off the net. It's called Breaking the Habit. And if you have the other story we paired up on, by any chance still, I would love a copy. Lost it all. But I do want Breaking the Habit off if thats possible. Thanks

  • Updates and additionsMoonstar, Thu Jun 16 5:25pm
    Hi! I'm back after taking a computer course and updating my computer. Now I can finally work on my website. What I'll need help with is if you spot any errors or broken links. I'm going to try and... more
    • Breaking the Habit Fic — puldoh, Wed Jun 20 2:12am
    • Re: Updates and additionswhitetigers, Fri Jun 17 6:16am
      Sounds great! Good luck... :)
      • Re: Re: Updates and additionsMoonstar, Sat Jul 23 11:04pm
        Thanks. And I had to get through some snags, like having to spend almost a week cleaning out unneeded files just to get the Internet to work right!
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