Re: In The Eyes Of The Beholder?
Wed Jun 24, 2015 6:18am

Hi there! I remember reading and really loving that story, too.(It had something about having the worst fears come true. Right?) There was a sequel planned which I think was never written. That could be the reason for why it was removed from the site.

Anyway, thankfully, it can still be read with the help of the internet archive. :) Here you go..


  • In The Eyes Of The Beholder?Amethyst_Noir, Tue Jun 23 7:28pm
    Admittadely it's been a long while ago, but I vigidly remember reading United's fict "In The Eyes Of The Beholder." I absolutely love that story but now I cannot find it anywhere! Anyone know... more
    • Spion din RomaniaRitu, Wed Aug 19 1:23pm
      Hey, Amethyst noir, is "Spion din Romania" your fic? I recently stumbled upon it and read it. It is a good story! Very well written! :)
      • Re: Spion din RomaniaAmethyst_Noir, Mon Aug 24 12:18am
        It is indeed! Thanks, I'm so glad you like it! That was one of the last ficts I wrote for the Hardy Boys, but it's always had a special place in my heart. Glad you stumbled upon it. :)
        • Re: Spion din RomaniaRitu, Wed Aug 26 1:46pm
          Cool. I am also very glad I stumbled upon it. That Eiffel Tower scene - "The terrifying view of Paris" deserves special mention for being how terrifying it was! :) Um, it seemed you had a sequel in... more
    • Re: In The Eyes Of The Beholder? — Ritu, Wed Jun 24 6:18am
      • Re: In The Eyes Of The Beholder?Amethyst_Noir, Thu Jul 16 12:39am
        Wow, thanks! Any chance you remember the fict 'Joe's Thorn?' Under Horror Stories if I remember correctly, but I fear that section may be lost forever, even in the WayBack Machine.
        • Re: In The Eyes Of The Beholder?Ritu, Fri Jul 17 6:42am
          Glad I could help. :) Joe's Thorn.. one of Elf's story? I have not read it, but I would sure like to know how is it and if you like it? As for the Horror Stories section, here it is:... more
          • Re: In The Eyes Of The Beholder?Amethyst_Noir, Sun Jul 19 5:57pm
            Thank you!! I quite enjoy it and I'd recommend it if you don't mind a heavy original character and quite a bit of angst. :)
            • "Joe's Thorn"Elf (aka) Rachel C., Wed Jul 22 3:54pm
              Hi! Ritu told me you liked Joe's Thorn. I wrote that book a very, very long time ago. I am so glad you like it. I know that it is not a very well-written book. When I went to college, thinking that I ... more
              • Re: "Joe's Thorn"Amethyst_Noir, Mon Aug 24 12:21am
                Glad to be a fan of a fellow writer! I know reading the stuff I wrote years ago is a real eye opener compared to the things I write now! Keep up the great work.
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