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Re: DHS Plans Raytheon Ray Guns At Airports
Sun Apr 6, 2008 9:33am

Let's hope this Vigilant Beagle doesn't spot a homeowner off the runway burning their garbage in the back yard with a curly tendril of smoke rising, and zap him.

This deal looks like the same one Chertoff got for his Israeli henchment for the security cameras on the Messican border. Worthless. They watch the illegals but do nothing to capture them. About like a camera in a convenience store.

"I C U" technology.

If this ray gun hasn't been developed yet, and we are paying for this invention, then it could be years before we see any results. In that time, Al-CIA-da could really do some damage at an airport if they can break away from their 'lone gunman' at the schools or malls syndrome.
It must be a brain teaser to waylay evidence of crimes that leave so much pointing to the perps.

I think in order for this Vigilant Eagle to fly, they will need some airport attacks.

Look for that in the future to justify the illusion that we are paying for a high tech, tested weapon that really really really works.

HAHAHAHAHA. Tax elevator going up to the cloud suite?

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    • Re: DHS Plans Raytheon Ray Guns At Airports — Jake, Sun Apr 6 9:33am
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