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Sat Dec 20, 2008 5:34am

They have this DNA data bank in the UK. It was just a matter of time before they forced it on the U.S. citizen.

This is to help the search for criminals mostly. A DNA match. Not so much for health reasons. Bo Peep could care less about your health. But would be adamant about a murder of one of their own.

Then, they are looking for their zionist Messiah too. That would tell in the holy bloodline. (whatever that is)
It's actually more of 'shearing the flock' by taking control of their children. This is nothing but communism. It is un-American for the state to own a persons offspring. But it is purely communism to own everything in sight.

Socialism is a rule with the open hand. Like a sucker punch, people get used to all the freebies and get dependent on them, then here comes communism. Rule by the closed fist or the boot. Quite a difference to the mind and body and the labor thereof.

Dr. Paul is right when he says people are willing to give up freedoms in the event of emergencies. They seem to go flaccid, and become putty in the hands of the state. But that is not the American way either. In the old days, we got our guns and took care of the problem ourselves. There was no 'fear factor'. (FF) Then, we were so poor we had to borrow a shadow. Now we are rich, obese, obscene and way out of shape, neither could we fight our way out of a paper bag.

The DNA data bank is not to compare dirty diapers of newborns buddy. It's to own them. Don't let these Pinocchio politicians get away with this one. Your blood belongs to you, not them.

It's time women quit having their babies in a hospital. 60 years ago most were born at home. The fear of death was not something that prevalent. Few if any died from childbirth. Midwives were better than doctors in my estimation because doctors of today pull a baby out with forceps leaving a round scar somewhere on the face for the child to wear for life. I've seen many an adult with that tell-tale scar.

The DNA data bank is for total control. Nothing more.

    "When the 'elite' need a body part, they will know exactly who they can take it from!" xy&z THE BILL NOBODY NOTICED: NATIONAL DNA DATABANK BY PATTY DONOVAN Source: Naturalnews.com... more
    • me too!pat donovan, Sat Dec 20 6:11pm
      err... I'm pat donovan, ottawa canada. there are 6 pat donovans here. here's my free speech blog... http://ipower.ning.com/profiles/blogs/used-to-be-free-speech keep up the good work. pat
      • Re: me too!SWIFT, Sun Dec 21 10:41am
        You ever hear of Coberg, Canada? My mother's people came from there. Rough neck bunch!
        • donovanspat donovan, Sun Dec 21 8:07pm
          mentioned this to bro and got a ten minute lecture on Canadian migration patterns in the clan.. with sources if you want to track sertain ones.. myself, colberg onloy got mentioned twice and I missed ... more
    • Re: THE BILL NOBODY NOTICED: NATIONAL DNA DATABANK — Visionary, Sat Dec 20 5:34am
      • I believe we all know that we-the-people have been systematically brainwashed into the mess were are in over a period of one hundred years,give or take a few. It has been done so subtly that very few ... more
      • Viz, I do not believe they will have time to impliment it beyond it's initial stages. With all my heart I believe civil war by Spring. Then, all the people who supported this idea, and others like... more
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