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Re: me too!
Sun Dec 21, 2008 10:41am

You ever hear of Coberg, Canada? My mother's people came from there. Rough neck bunch!

  • me too!pat donovan, Sat Dec 20 6:11pm
    err... I'm pat donovan, ottawa canada. there are 6 pat donovans here. here's my free speech blog... http://ipower.ning.com/profiles/blogs/used-to-be-free-speech keep up the good work. pat
    • Re: me too! — SWIFT, Sun Dec 21 10:41am
      • donovanspat donovan, Sun Dec 21 8:07pm
        mentioned this to bro and got a ten minute lecture on Canadian migration patterns in the clan.. with sources if you want to track sertain ones.. myself, colberg onloy got mentioned twice and I missed ... more
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