Look Beyond the Matrix
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Sun Dec 21, 2008 8:01pm

I believe we all know that we-the-people have been systematically brainwashed into the mess were are in over a period of one hundred years,give or take a few. It has been done so subtly that very few have taken notice and now many of us are wondering what's happened. Others don't really care or are so carried away with the politicians' lies that they don't really know any better. I got rooked into a conversation a few weeks ago about the authority of the Board Of County Commissioners. One of the half dozen or so who were taking part in the discussion declared that government power in this country begins with the County Commission and progresses up through the chain with the President being the supreme ruler. Up to that point I had been simply listening and learning. But now I had to step in and (at least) try to set the record straight. I gave it the best shot I had but never made a dent in any body's understanding of the matter. Fact is I came damn nigh getting mobbed by the idiot crowd that was doing all the braying about political grabs and such other connected issues. I got the express feeling that (perhaps) a majority of Public America knows they are being s--t on but are so stupidly ignorant to know what the problems are and so rooted in this thing called Democracy to do anything even if the oppertunity presented itself. Moreover, they are so brainwashed into this Democrat and Republican BS that its all there is in their warped out opinions. I asked if any of them had every read the Constitution or the Declaration of Independence. None of them had and one of them had ran for a County Commission seat in the last election. He lost and I'm glad but the idiot who won it is no better informed than the idiot who lost. They are both puppets with wooden heads so we're no better off with one than the other. It created a lot of space for wonder, How many of the DC whores and pimps has ever seen these documents, let alone read them? This whole stinking Nation is brain dead, our streets are filled with puppets and zombis. Be proud My Friends that you saw the light before it happened to you.

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