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Dr. Eric Beeth
Tue Nov 3, 2009 9:44pm

The silence about vaccine deaths in media is due to the confidential contracts with the vaccine manufacturers.

This is from a comment made by one of our readers to the article about the silence in Swedish media over recent "swine flu" vaccine deaths:

GSK secret contract binds Government to SILENCE !

Dr Eric Beeth 2009-11-02 18:13:41

Dear all,

I am a Swedish general practioner working in Belgium, and quite involved in this issue, as together with three citizens and another GP we advised the Belgian Government last Friday in court that this is a disguised pharmaceutical trial on human subjects, with real risks involved.

I put in two comments on the story (see below), that are quite relevant in the context that the Swedish Newspapers have seemingly stopped reporting the intermediary results of this disguised pharmaceutical trial.

If you can read French, you will discover at


that the maker of PandemRix, that is used in Sweden, passed a secret contract, the same in every European country, which specified a "Green List" of what the government MAY communicate (hardly anything!) and the "Red List" of what may absolutely NOT be made public, like intermediary results of the side effects that appear in the studies of the controversial squalene (and thiomersal) adjuvantated PandemRix until they have been sanitized by Glaxo Smith Kline researchers, and published by GSK themselves.

These contracts also confirm what was announced in Sweden in October, that these pandemic vaccines where actually ordered already back in 2006: there was a standing order to foresee a vaccination for large parts of the population IF the WHO would declare a PANDEMIC of degree 6. When the "New-Type" A/H1N1 appeared, and it started spreading to other continents, the WHO changed their definition of grade 6 pandemic by dropping the criteria that it should be highly deadly. Thus, the government discovered that it’s signed standing orders were passed simply to combat a new (designer!) strain of flu that may or may not become more or less lethal than the common Influenza A or B flu.

This has allowed GSK to do a large scale tolerance experiment of their specialy formulated AVIAN-flu vaccine "Pre-PandRix" paid for by the governments, where doctors are recruited for a large scale pharmaco-vigilance study, without being paid as researchers, and patients receive government propaganda to sign up "to protect the weak in our society", while de facto subjecting themselves to be guinea pigs in this "H1N1-dry-run" study for the future benefit of registering GSK's AVIAN flu vaccine "Pre-PandRix".

If you are to receive the "Pandremix" against the benign “new-type” H1N1-flu this season, we recommend that you first learn about the possible side effects, as GSK asked their own employees to sign an "informed consent form" before receiving the vaccine: see for ex:


Best regards,

Dr Beeth www.asanat.org

Read More Here:

    • Re: MEDIA SILENCE ABOUT VACCINE DEATHSVisionary, Tue Nov 3 9:54pm
      It looks like all good men are not remaining silent. Some put their life on the line, other's their fortunes while trying to get the word out to tell us, BEWARE THE VACCINE! They know they are... more
      • Most of my family didn't listenC-shank, Wed Nov 4 8:55pm
        They got the shots, like first in line no less. The law may well end up being the least of Baxter's problems.
        • Re: Most of my family didn't listenJake, Wed Nov 4 9:49pm
          Sorry to hear that C-shank; Let us know the results? J.
        • Re: Most of my family didn't listenVisionary, Wed Nov 4 9:46pm
          Most of the people I know that have had the HINI flu so far, have only had a mild flu. Milder than what they usually get this time of year from the 'designer' flu. Most have contracted it from kids... more
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