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U.S. takes pains to say it is not taking over Haiti
Fri Jan 15, 2010 10:54pm

The Air Force controls the airport, 10,000 troops will be there by Monday and Adm. Mullen admits that's just the start. You never get something for nothing. There are alot of ststements like this one in the report linked below:

"The primary mission of U.S. troops arriving in Haiti, FOR NOW, remains humanitarian assistance, the U.S. said."

For now... maybe this one will go a little cheaper than some of the recent ones. Thing I don't understand is that to my knowledge there is nothing there worth stealing. Baseballs? They're geting them for next to nothing already. Perhaps all they're doing is trying to keep Chavez and Castro out of their sweat shop until things stabilize again.


    • Haiti, the drug hub of the CarribeanC-shank, Fri Jan 15 11:40pm
      So there it is. 14% of the drugs on America's streets go through Haiti. That's what the system would be there for. Knew it couldn't be baseballs.... more
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