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Sun Jan 24, 2010 3:43am

I think when you look at all the billion dollar highrise luxury hotels going up along valuable beach property that was at one time used by fishermen, you can very well see who's behind the hurricanes, tsunamis and earth quakes.

There's more to be had in Haiti for Israelis when you stop and think about it. Organ transplants, displaced kids for kidnapping and a hefty profitable slave trade, as well as oil, and all that money going into jewish charities etc. Oh yeah! Disasters really pay off. No peace for a long time to come. Not when chaos is so profitable. And of course the U.N. goes right ahead with their No #1 agenda. Less humans for a sustainable world. Like mother nature is really hurting. I can tell you if she were, she would shake us all off the crust of this ball of dirt.

What's the next target for those ultra sound Tesla pulse machines?

  • Haiti’s Natural Disaster–Made in Israel?Mark Green, Sat Jan 23 8:18pm
    Haiti’s Natural Disaster–Made in Israel? Mark Green “Good things come to those who wait”, as the old saying goes. For me, it was an email I received this morning from one of the dozens of lists I am... more
    • israel involvement in haitiWhiteTiger2006xx, Sun Jan 24 8:32am
      It has been reported..and I cant remember where...that quite ALOT of the South and Central America cocaine and heroin makes its way to the US thru shipping routes which come up thru the... more
    • WHO DUN IT — Visionary, Sun Jan 24 3:43am
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