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israel involvement in haiti
Sun Jan 24, 2010 8:32am

It has been reported..and I cant remember where...that quite ALOT of the South and Central America cocaine and heroin makes its way to the US thru shipping routes which come up thru the Haiti/Dominican Republic corridor...is it any wonder why the US has quickly sent so many military personel and equipment down there and are bogarding the scene so guardedly???

Fox News recently showed videos of dead Haitian bodies being dumped from dump trucks along with trash, lumber and rubble into dump pits...this shows the US is oh so concerned with the plight of the pitiful poor Haitian victims? Hog-freaking-wash!!!

Its nothing more than the usual dog and pony show...I suspect we are down there to gain control of the drug shipments and guarantee safe delivery of the products to keep the other " players " from getting the goods away from our team.
All the other wag the dog tail BS like geraldo and his never-ending spew, the poor homeless orphans being liberated to America, and the mindless liberal pukes who are clamoring to rush in front of the cameras to adopt Haitian babies is nothing more than distraction to take attention away from the real reason we are down there.

Thats my opinion and I'm sticking to it

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