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EMF Pollution.
Mon Jun 5, 2017 10:11am

As I stated in a post on my Facebook Page a few weeks back Duke Energy is installing Smart Meters in homes here in North Carolina. They say that the low amount of RF emitted by smart meters is well below the limits set by Federal Communications Commission, but what they don't take into consideration is that we live in a world of EMF pollution, and their Smart meters just add to the already existing problem!

As most of you know from your biology studies in school, plants, animals, and yes, even the human body grows and operates VIA electromagnetic pulses, so is it any wonder that we are continuously seeing new diseases popping up everywhere, While in the news we read of Salmon dying by the thousands, while Sharks, Dolphins and whales, are beaching themselves because their sonar no longer works to guide them to their destinations?

Don't you think it is time to do some research on the effects EMF pollution has on the human body?

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