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Tue Jul 8, 2008 1:36am (XFF:

Ollie Lives in Minneapolis Minnesota, originally from Des Moines, IA (My hometown). He's in marketing

1:23 Ollie was not a fan of show before Auditioning.

1:25 Ollie says just because he has the "son of a preacher" title, it doesn't mean he'll be the goody tushu of the house. He says he has morals. He's just as crazy as anybody else. "Orgies, huh?"

1:25 Ollie is single and says he's playing the field. Ollie is opened to having a showmance.

1:26 Ollie says leaving his friends and family was the toughest thing about being on Big Brother. He says he has to keep his eye on the prize.

1:26 Ollie says being on Big Brother makes him officially crazy.

1:27 Ollie says he would like to see anyone who is different than himself in the house.

1:28 Ollie is keeping his strategy guarded.

1:29 Ollie has never had a girlfriend in his entire life. He says he has committment issues.

1:29 Ollie is not a virgin.

1:30 Ollie is not involved in politics. He doesn't plan on getting into it. He doesn't pay too much attention.

1:30 Ollie says there is nothing that will surface on the internet.

1:32 Ollie is 27.

1:33 Ollie pierced his ears in college to impress a girl.

1:33 Ollie says his goals are to eat with women, then sleep with them. I think he was joking. Maybe?

1:34 Ollie doesn't like fake people.

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