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Tue Jul 28, 2009 8:43pm (XFF:

Game getting better. Need to get that jessie off. Such a phony. Wouldn't you like him for a friend? UGH. A few more evictions and then will get much more intersting! Beginning to like the cast but of couse miss some of the characters from last season. I am sure this years will step up.

  • No SubjectAnonymous, Fri Jul 24 6:22pm
    oh, holy .... lydia is talking about sex with jesse. from survivorsucks "using sex as a weapon -- i'm... more
    • BB11 — nelson, Tue Jul 28 8:43pm
      • BB11Nelson, Tue Jul 28 8:45pm
        Sorry for bad spelling. Must proof read more closely. HaHa
    • BB11Nelson, Sat Jul 25 7:07am
      Ronnie has to be the Rat bit trying to survive. Usually is one. Psycho group dynanics. Jesse must have some hot juices with all those hormones raging.Will Russell be considered the the "Bully"? Hated ... more
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