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First Rumors about BB House
Tue Jun 15, 2010 8:34pm

I got this from a very reliable source, and couldn’t wait to share the news!
These are some details of the new BB12 house!!!

• There is a really tall entry door. Which looks very “tiki” like, something you would see on a tropical hut.
• When you walk in the door you are immediately met with a huge fish tank that takes up the majority of the wall in front of the door – lots of very colorful and some really big fish!
• In the living room there are once again two large couches and the usual nomination chairs. This year the couches are a light blue with cream colored nomination chairs
• The wall nearest the diary room in the living room has a large screen which plays a nonstop loop of crashing waves. There are a few palm trees and other tropical accents throughout the room. It makes you feel like you’re on the beach!
• This kitchen has a camp theme. It’s very outdoorsy! The table is a giant picnic table, and there is a lot of modern looking wood paneling with different shades of green through out the room. It actually looks really cool.
• The bathroom’s finally got a decent makeover. The floor looks like sand and the walls are blue. There are sea shells and the sinks look like they’re floating in mid air. There is once again a big chair in the corner.
• One of the bedrooms is themed like a “sand castle” and looks very cool. With another cool room themed like a camp cabin complete with bunk beds.
• The hall to the HOH room keeps with the beach theme
• The back yard has the basic setup, with a volley ball net, and beach balls. There is also a “camp fire” pit.

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