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Mon Jun 21, 2010 6:11pm

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From Will:

"Every year at about this time many people go to great lengths to discuss Big Brother with me. In the interest of time I think I'll put my responses to the ten most commonly asked questions in black and white:

1) I don't have a favorite player because I don't really watch Big Brother that much - people often seem shocked to hear this. David Lee Roth rocked the 80's but he might not have any Van Halen on his ipod now - same difference.

2) Just because I don't watch the show doesn't mean I don't like the show. I really like to compete on Big Brother and, at the risk of self aggrandizement, I'm obviously a skilled player but I'd much rather be a participant than a viewer. David Lee Roth will probably bust out the spandex and sing Panama at moment's notice but you won't see him holding the lighter in the front row at a White Snake tribute band concert - again, same difference.

3) What do I think about the production value? Well, let me tell you a story: Two men were once looking at a painting by Picasso. The first man said, "I could have painted that", to which the second one replied, "well why didn't you"? Point being, It's much more difficult to cast and produce the show than the fans appreciate. Rich, Allison and Robyn actually do a great job and I have a ton of respect for them. If you think you can do better move to Hollywood and get in the business.

4) Life in the Big Brother house is much more stressful than you realize. Only the contestants with the strongest fortitude will persevere and those of a weaker constitution will be preyed upon or crack under the pressure. That doesn't mean that a weak player can't go far in the game, it just means that players with a higher emotional quotient have an advantage. As far as gameplay goes the bottom line is this: To make an omelet you have to break some eggs so as a contestant it's important to understand they you'll have to be comfortable crushing some dreams if you want to win the game. Further still, look who the contestants are competing against: shoplifters, drunk drivers, alleged drug dealers, and alleged murders (yep, I read TMZ)! I remember the good old days when all we had to worry about was someone holding a knife to someone's throat in the kitchen!

5) The order of least to most important attributes necessary to win the show: Athleticism, intelligence, charisma, loyalty, patience and luck.

6) Please don't ask me for a free tummy tuck - I'm a cosmetic dermatologist (not a plastic surgeon) and I was on "Dr. 90210" (not "Extreme Makeover" )

7) Every year when contestants get eliminated they call Mike Boogie and I and ask for advice. My response remains the same every year: Put Big Brother behind you and move on. Success in life is not going to be determined by one summer of reality TV. Dedication and devotion to your profession, friends and family, with a little hard work and interesting side hobbies sprinkled in will make you successful - reality TV won't give you any lasting satisfaction. The worst thing they can do is quit their job and move to Hollywood to try to become a television show host. I've been on more than 30 shows I the last ten years and while reality tv has been very good to me it's a very difficult business to break in to after a jaunt on Big Brother.

Some of the nicest people I have ever met are Big Brother fans and I'm honored to know them. Conversely, some rather odd individuals are Big Brother fans. Here are my specific thoughts on those people:
*If you watch the show in your living room for entertainment, good for you...
*If you are on the live feeds all night long and are on the message boards all day long, well, okay, nothing wrong with that I guess. It's a free country...
*If you are mailing things to former contestants, leaving things at their offices and buying their clothes off e-Bay, you have a problem. Yeah, it's not illegal but it's really, really creepy.

9) The most extreme fans somehow believe that they have to "teach a lesson" to former house guests that they didn't like by making them admit their mistakes, short comings and faults. Those fans take the show way too seriously. If you are getting stressed out over Big Brother you need to take a big step back and re-evaluate your priorities. A fan literally died of a heart attack that I suspect was at least partially stress induced from his obsession and anger with Big Brother contestants. That makes me sad. Please monitor your friends and let them know if they are getting too involved - after all, it's just a reality tv show.

10) I love reality tv, I really do, but it doesn't define my life. you see, I'm not a reality contestestant who happens to be a physician, I'm a physician who happens to have been a reality tv contestant.

In closing, I think this famous video starring William Shatner sums up my feelings regarding the Big Brother fan base:


Have a great summer watching Big Brother!



P.S. What is the craziest thing you have heard a Big Brother fan doing?"

    • dr. willChrisM, Thu Jun 24 5:16pm
      my all time favorite BB houseguest - haven't a clue why anyone would think he's bitter (cocky yes, but we already knew that) since he won his season and coached (set up) stupid Boogie to win his -... more
    • Dr Willgingerjose21, Mon Jun 21 9:10pm
      I have never like Dr Will and never will! Give me Janelle or Evel Dick anytime! At least they don't put down their fans and they give them their time and appreciate all they do for them! They also... more
    • Re: No SubjectAnonymous, Mon Jun 21 7:08pm
      Sounds a bit bitter/cocky
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