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Wed Aug 4, 2010 1:48pm

Hayden to Lane: If Rachel and Brendon are telling the truth...
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...they are not going after The Brigade this week.

Hayden and Lane start counting the votes and how many they need to keep the Brigade safe. They both believe Kathy is going next week, no matter what.

They think the first Brigade member out would probably be Matt because he just wouldn't have the votes to stay.

They discuss the various scenarios of Brigade members going up. Lane and Hayden make a pact. If either of them is up against Matt, they would vote to keep each other no matter if Enzo votes and wants to keep Matt. They agree to lie to Enzo, save each other and sort it out later.

Lane goes to sleep. Hayden goes into the kitchen to talk with Brendon. Britney walks into the kitchen.

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