Re: No Subject
Tue Jun 7, 2011 11:43 (XFF:

I can assure you that this message is no wind up ! me and my friends are very intrested to a return to football and if it is no problem i would ask you to post back on here when new information is avaliable.

p.s- Attracting Players to a such a prestigous club like quarrydale will not be a problem and me and my 2 friends are preparing for the coming season intensly :) Much faith Jak Bustin

  • Re: No Subject Tim Lynam, Mon Jun 6 21:30
    Not sure if the above message is a wind up or not, but when more information is available in the next couple of weeks, players will be consulted and a decision will be made about whether or not we... more
    • Re: No Subject Anonymous, Tue Jun 7 11:43
      • Re: No Subject Anonymous, Sat Jun 11 22:03
        Hi, i have recently heard the extremely sad news upon the loss of one of the clubs finest players named "SCOTT BOJAN BUNTING", i cant acturally beleive this fine footballer has left such a creative... more
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