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Sat Jun 11, 2011 22:03

Hi, i have recently heard the extremely sad news upon the loss of one of the clubs finest players named "SCOTT BOJAN BUNTING", i cant acturally beleive this fine footballer has left such a creative football team, i mean scott was allways up for a laugh and no matter what happened, this fine player would allways have a smile on his face, even if he only got played for the last 30 seconds, but dont worry he was allways nown as the "super sub", the statistics of this player are incredible!, 800 apperances and within them he scored 4 goals!, but not only will "SCOTT BOJAN BUNTING" be missed also his mother, "carol" she made us boys some brilliant bacon cobs at the end of each home game we played, even if we lost 95% of our games them quality cobs would allways put a smile on our faces!!!!!,

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    I can assure you that this message is no wind up ! me and my friends are very intrested to a return to football and if it is no problem i would ask you to post back on here when new information is... more
    • Re: No Subject Anonymous, Sat Jun 11 22:03
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