Thu Jun 30, 2011 20:12

hi all,just an update on wednesdays meeting.tim is taking a back seat from the under 17s next season but will still be around for any advise that we may need.Iwill be taking over as manager with which i have no worries about,i will look after the lads on saturdays and training nights.we still have a few lads left to sign on if they wish to.we are looking for someone to take charge of the paperwork side of things etc..and to help me where ever they can,so if you think you can then give it a go try it for a while if you like it then carry on if not never will kick off sat afternoons that will give us a ref and two linespeople cheers gary.

    • RE-UPDATE DARRON WHITE, Fri Jul 1 13:49
      Curtis has decided he is going to get a Forest season ticket for 2011/2012, so sadly for him and disappointingly for me he has in effect "hung his boots up" with Saturday football. All I can suggest... more
      • Re: RE-UPDATE gary, Fri Jul 1 16:26
        cheers darron,for letting us know i am sorry to hear that but if thats what curtis feels he needs to do then good luck and all the best in the future thanks for all you have done for us,Gary.Iwould... more
        • Re-Re: RE-UPDATE DARRON WHITE, Sat Jul 2 07:55
          Curtis will gladly sign on and attend training sessions,so can you let us know when and where you want him to sign...cheers Darron
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