saturdays game 10/9/11
Wed Sep 7, 2011 21:06

hi all,qufcu17s will be playing at laxton,walesby ng22onx.kick off is at 1pm.meeting at sutton res for 11:00 leaving at 11:15.anyone not sure please phone me.see you all sat.please let me know who is meeting and who is going straight there.


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    • Re: saturdays game 10/9/11 gary, Thu Sep 8 16:43
      if you are meeting at the ground please be there for 12pm
    • RE-saturdays game 10/9/11 DARRON WHITE, Thu Sep 8 13:19
      I will let Billy know the details and will be in touch Saturday morning as to whether I will see you at the res or Laxton. It all depends on what time I get finished at work on saturday.
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