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Rod MacDonald
Mon Nov 22, 2010 21:42

My father's family comes from Moidart scotland and are desendants of the Dougal Mor's. Does anyone know what Mor refers to: is it a place, it is a family. Help.


    • ṂrRod McInnes, Thu Nov 3 20:25
      Rod, Ṃr (the middle letter being an "o" with a grave accent, in case the character doesn't publish properly), is a very common nickname meaning "big" (ie. Big Dougal). Remember that Moidart was an... more
      • Living in the past...Rod McInnes, Fri Nov 4 10:29
        A h-uile - Dear all Not sure why I answered this old, already answered message. Obviously not quite with it! Rod McInnes McInnes Family Website Comunn Gàidhlig Astràilia
    • MorHeather Waalters, Tue Nov 23 14:59
      More means "BIG" in Scots Gaelic. . In Welsh it's spelled mawr. Angus 'Mor' Macdonald was my g-grandfather. "Big Angus MacDonald"
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