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Allan J. Gillis
Fri Jan 21, 2011 08:24

Hi Valerie,

You were at Roshven View? Were you with Elizabeth and Allan MacDonald?



  • Colin Macdonald's bookValerie Smith, Fri Jan 21 06:46
    Thanks Allan, have just spent the weekend up at Roshven View Arisaig now inspired to get back working on some Kinlochmoidart research. A Ranald McDonald b.1794 at Camus an Raoigh, died Victoria... more
    • Genealogy — Allan J. Gillis, Fri Jan 21 08:24
      • Colin Macdonald's bookValerie Smith, Fri Jan 21 09:40
        I certainly was, my annual visit for possibly the past ten years, searching bookshelves and past notes taken by Allan and Elizabeth...they are indeed treasurs of Moidart, and I only wish we could... more
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