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Valerie Smith
Popish Parents and their Children, etc. 1701-1705.
Sat Jan 22, 2011 22:40

Thank you for directing me to this article, I have now downloaded it and have attempted to correct the scan in some areas, not successfully in all.

The reference is a strong reminder as to why researching Catholic families from this period is doomed.

Popish Parents and their Children, etc. 1701-1705.

Among the means of restraining the growth of Popery, employed after the Reformation in 1688, under the authority both of the Church and the State, one which was expected to be most effectual, was an annual survey of the several parishes of Scotland, either by Commissioners named
by the General Assembly, or by the ministers of such parishes as were actually planted, who were instructed to report to the Assembly or the Commission, or to the Provincial Synods, the names of all Papists within their bounds, particularly Seminary Priests, Popish School- masters, mistresses, and other pedagogues, and of those who sent their children to Popish Colleges in foreign countries ; that all such particulars might be transmitted to the Privy Council by the General Assembly, with an earnest application for the vigorous execution of the laws against the enemies of the Reformation.

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    Hello Thanks for all the intersting postings recieved in the last few years sorry not to have had a greater imput. The above article I have recently read from The Maitland Club Miscellany, and it... more
    • Popish Parents and their Children, etc. 1701-1705. — Valerie Smith, Sat Jan 22 22:40
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