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Valerie Smith
Macdonald's of Kinlochmoidaraat
Thu Jan 27, 2011 00:40

Ranald Og of Kinlochmoidart, the 4th/5th son of Ranald Macdonald lll of Kinlochmoidart, later known as Captain Ranald Macdonald of Irine, much written of during the ’45 but not so much in his later years.

Ranald himself recorded that he had 6 children in is petition to the Forfeited Estates re Irine in 1756, and we know by his letter to Dr George Hay – Blackfriars Edinburgh in 1773 that although he makes mention that he had been going ‘with his friends to St John’s last year’ (1772) ‘having been in England, picked terrible information of the business of that Island that made me quite drop my design of going there’.

Most historical notes will quote that Ranald had 21 children with descendants in Nova Scotia, however did all his children migrate? He makes mention in the above letter to Dr Hay of ‘my daughter Mallie, who serves in Edinburgh’ Did she migrate? And Father Charles makes mention of Ranald’s son Charles of Ardness, did he also migrate?.

The ancestors sought are those of Ranald McDonald, born 1794 at what was Camus an Raoigh, later dying in Victoria Australia

Ranald Og of Kinlochmoidart was living in Irine in 1781 research link between these two families has now hit a brick wall, however DNA confirms the connection into Kinlochmoidart

    • Re: Macdonald's of KinlochmoidaraatNorm MacInnis, Fri Oct 28 23:01
      By marriage to Angus MacInnis of Cape George, NS I have an ancestor Janet MacDonald, Kinlochmoidart. Her GF was Ronald MacDonald, Kinlochmoidart who was killed at Sherrifmuir. Any connection to these ... more
      • Macdonald's of KinlochmoidartAlan Jones, Tue Nov 1 04:11
        Who was Janet's father? The line I am researching is direct line to the 8th of Kinlochmoidart, Lady Margritta Robertson-Macdonald, her 3rd daughter Isabella Maria Stewart Robertson-Macdonald maried... more
        • MacDonalds of KinlochmoidartValerie J Smith, Tue Nov 1 06:01
          Janet's parents were: Ranald/Ronald McDonald b.c 1784 Camus an Raoigh Inverness-shire d. 1884 Drumborg Victoria Australia. Married Catherine (Kitty) MacDonald b.c. 1801 died Clunes Victoria... more
      • Kinlochmoidart MacdonaldsValerie Smith, Sun Oct 30 08:38
        The Janet Macdonald b 1826 who remained in Scotland married John MacMaster in Arisaig 1848, her father was Ranald/Ronald Macdonald, do not know identity of GF. Major Ranald Macdonald 3rd of... more
        • Janet MacDonaldNorm MacInnis, Tue Nov 1 15:58
          Maybe a different Janet MacDonald, her father was Alisdair Og MacDonald and her husband was another Alisdair MacDonald. They emigrated to Nova Scotia.
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