Paul King
Mary Mclsaac
Sat Feb 19, 2011 22:35

Sandra, I will tell you a little story. I left home in 74 and had no idea about my past or where my mother was born. Years went by and I decided to look for land for retirement. I search for about 7 years covering most of the island and found nothing i liked. My brother in law said he knew a friend that had land forsale and gave this person a call. He took me out to Big Pond ( St. Andrews Channel )where he had about 60 acres of land. Once i stepped foot on the land I knew right away that this what I been looking for . About a year after buying this land I mentioned the property to my brother and he said my mother was born and raised close to the land I purchased and told me to see Hugh Malsaac or Hugh Macinnis? Hugh told me that my mother was born in a house on the right side of the road 2and 1/2 humps in the road from Ben Eoin. I turn right at 2 and1/2 humps and there it was. I knocked on the door and a lady Christie mclsaac answered the door. it was where my mother was born and raised. She talked about the land I purchased but I had no backround on the history so the info was going in one ear and out the other. It wasn't until xmas two years ago that my brother sent me a copy of the original deed for my land. It was given to Mary Mclsaac and her children 1841-42. My brother said we were related to this family. My Grand mother was margaret mclsaac. What do you think?

  • Paul King ...Mary McIsaacSandra MacIsaac, Sat Feb 19 21:16
    Hi...your date is off, but I think we are dealing with the correct family. Mary (McAdam) McIsaac was born c. 1798...she married pioneer, Angus McIsaac who was born c. 1795 in the Parish of South... more
    • Mary Mclsaac — Paul King, Sat Feb 19 22:35
      • Mcisaac's, Ben Eoin/Big PondSandra MacIsaac, Sun Feb 20 14:28
        Hi Paul: that stretch between Ben Eoin/Big Pond is/was known as St. Andrew's Channel. (in the past few years with boundary changes, the lands that are/were owned by descendants of pioneers Roderick... more
        • MacIsaac's Big PondDuncan MacPhee, Sun Dec 31 16:59
          Hello Sandra. My name is Duncan MacPhee, originally from the Eskasoni/Island View area. I am doing some research on the MacIsaac's from Big Pond (cousins). I am told that you have done family history ... more
          • McIsaac's, Big Pond, Nova ScotiaSandra MacIsaac, Mon Jan 8 20:43
            Hi Duncan: as I've just recently had throat surgery, it would be preferable if you could contact me at the following e-mail address; cheers and thanks Sandra MacIsaac
        • McIsaac/BigPond,etc...ABeachum, Mon Feb 21 16:13
          Hello, Please excuse me for hopping in on your conversation, but I wanted to know if Roderick McIsaac that you mentioned was the father of the McIsaac brothers who came from Eigg and settled on Eigg... more
          • McIsaac/Big Pond, etc...DNA testingSandra MacIsaac, Tue Feb 22 15:04
            Hi Andrew: The name of the father of the pioneers from South Uist that settled the Big Pond/Ben Eoin area of Cape Breton is yet unknown. Pioneer Angus McIsaac c. 1795 (Big Pond) was said to have been ... more
            • ancestor Teresa Scheunert, Thu Oct 20 00:01
              I a believe I am related to these McIssac's
              • MacIsaac connectionSandra MacIsaac, Fri Oct 28 10:21
                Was your mom formerly from Glace Bay, Nova Scotia? If so, email me at
                • momLinda Prendergast, Sat Oct 29 11:49
                  Hi No, my mom grew up in Domimiom, Cape Breton. She's of Italian heritage; I'm Scotch on my dad's side. Linda
        • landPaul King, Sun Feb 20 14:49
          Yes the orginal tract was 200 but by the the time I come across it, all that was left was on the high side of the road. Just as the sharp turn in the highway about 1 km or so from the house my mother ... more
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