Sandra MacIsaac
McIsaac/Big Pond, etc...DNA testing
Tue Feb 22, 2011 15:04

Hi Andrew: The name of the father of the pioneers from South Uist that settled the Big Pond/Ben Eoin area of Cape Breton is yet unknown. Pioneer Angus McIsaac c. 1795 (Big Pond) was said to have been a 7th, if that is true, others stayed behind in Scotland or went elsewhere. It wouldn't surprise me though if our/your family history merged on the mainland of Scotland sometime in the very, very distant past...

Of interest, just in the last year, it has been determined through DNA testing, that our McIsaac's and the descendants of John McIsaac c. 1755 Araisag, Scotland (who immigrated from Scotland c. 1801 on the Nora and settled the Antigonish area) are of the same blood line; John's son Archibald obtained a grant at Broad Cove Banks, Cape Breton...his grandson Angus s/o Donald would later move from Inverness, N.S. to Port au Port, Newfoundland where the other DNA testee's family are located. Sorry, to say that we don't have a paper trail to unite the Big Pond and Antigonish/NL families. Hopefully, more McIsaac's will participate in DNA testing in the future, and we just may find that missing link that will unite the branches...Our testing was carried out through Family Tree DNA..we are part of the Fraser Project...we don't have a Project of our own as yet.. Our Haplogroup I1 M253 see...

  • McIsaac/BigPond,etc...ABeachum, Mon Feb 21 16:13
    Hello, Please excuse me for hopping in on your conversation, but I wanted to know if Roderick McIsaac that you mentioned was the father of the McIsaac brothers who came from Eigg and settled on Eigg... more
    • McIsaac/Big Pond, etc...DNA testing — Sandra MacIsaac, Tue Feb 22 15:04
      • ancestor Teresa Scheunert, Thu Oct 20 00:01
        I a believe I am related to these McIssac's
        • MacIsaac connectionSandra MacIsaac, Fri Oct 28 10:21
          Was your mom formerly from Glace Bay, Nova Scotia? If so, email me at
          • momLinda Prendergast, Sat Oct 29 11:49
            Hi No, my mom grew up in Domimiom, Cape Breton. She's of Italian heritage; I'm Scotch on my dad's side. Linda
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